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Does Florida Live Up To Its Reputation As A Great Couples’ Destination?

Virginia may be for lovers, but Florida is consistently a top destination for U.S. couples. From the Keys to the numerous top-rated couples’ resorts, it’s no surprise to any Floridian when they see an abundance of couples being especially lovey-dovey out in public. It must be something about the sunshine, or the magic of those Disney fireworks!

In fact, did you know Fernandina Beach is rated as one of the most romantic cities in the U.S.? Living in such a couple-centric state is a wonderful thing. But does it have any impact on the way couples in Florida relate to each other when compared to other places in the country?

Florida is ranked 44th on the list of states with the most married couples, with only 46.4% of its population wed. Also, as of 2017, our state has the 9th highest divorce rate in the country, with 3.6 divorced individuals per 1,000 residents. 

This may have to do with the demographics of the state. Florida notoriously has the largest population of senior citizens in the country, and many of folks approaching retirement age in the last few years are of the baby boomer generation and older, who have historically high rates of divorce. 

But what about the future? Florida also has the 49th lowest Millennial population in the entire country, which doesn’t bode well for marriage rates in the state, because this particular generation is notoriously expected to get married at increasingly later ages, if at all. 

Of course, not all couples are married. There are certain trends within dating and relationships to explore as well. A recent study surveyed couples on the most popular “pet names” in every state revealed some interesting insights about Florida couples.  A couple “pet name” is a cutesy nickname that romantic partners might call one another, like “love” or “dear.” 

In Florida, the most popular “pet names” are babe (35.%), honey (24.5), and love (13.9%). This is largely in keeping with the rest of the country, although using the term “love” is uncommon in the United States. It must be a Florida thing!

In terms of living in Florida as a single person, you will likely find many others in your company. 51% of Florida’s residents are single, and many studies have shown that it’s easy to find love in Florida

However, when you consider demographics again, the data shifts a little bit. For example, there are significantly more single women than men in Miami, Florida, which could spell disaster for future dating prospects in the city.

Are Florida couples special after all? Based on our findings, we can appreciate that Florida is a great place for all kinds of people: families, singles, and couples alike. It just all depends on what you’re looking for.