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Do You Need an Extended Staycation?


There comes a time each year when people are itching for a vacation. It is important to get away, experience new adventures and take a step away from the grind of daily life. Unfortunately, many vacations are inhibited by travel expenses and safety concerns.

Thankfully, the popularity of staycations has been on the rise. With this type of trip, you eliminate many expenses and limit the safety concerns that you would experience when traveling far away. Especially as a Florida resident, there are dozens of beautiful towns that are in close proximity to your home. 

Why Do I Need an Extended Staycation?

An extended vacation is a trip that lasts at least a month. Although this may sound like a jaw-dropping amount of time, it is easy to complete when you stay near your hometown. When you go on a typical vacation, the energy it takes to plan the week and ensure that you have all that you need often leaves you feeling exhausted by the end of the trip. It often takes at least two weeks to settle in, take a deep breath and experience true relaxation.

During your staycation, you are may need to work for a portion of the trip.  In addition, take off the final week of your staycation. Although you will be working for a portion of the time, the workload will be lessened and you can look forward to the week you are taking off at the end of the month.

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Why Are These Vacations Beneficial?

In many cases, time away from home offers the opportunity to gain a refreshed perspective. When you are working and living within the same four walls each day, it can be easy to become gloomy, overworked, or tired. Even by changing the colors on the walls or the part of town that you are residing in, you will likely experience a boost of energy and ambition.

By being in a different part of town, you will have closer proximity to different restaurants, different walking trails, and new neighbors. With new surroundings, you may be encouraged to try new things and engage deeper with the community that is around you.

In addition to the refreshed perspective, planning a staycation is an investment in your wellbeing. When you plan a trip like this, you are showing that you are valuable and worth investing in. This ability to accomplish a lovely trip offers a boost of confidence and self-worth.

Extended vacations offer individuals the opportunity to get away from the grind of everyday life. Since these trips are often at least one month long and provide actual time for relaxation.

When you are in a new environment, you are often able to take a deep breath and think more clearly. South Florida is beaming with wonderful accommodations and charming cities and towns that could offer the perfect getaway for you.