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Discover How Customers are Using BluTiger at Home

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Whether you are looking for a solid cardio workout, or a low impact way to get your daily steps in, a seated elliptical is easy on your knees, and perfect for customers of all fitness levels.

If you have recently purchased a first BluTiger Seated Elliptical or are thinking of adding BluTiger to your home, you will be amazed at all of the wonderful ways it can be used. BluTiger is compact and portable, making it the perfect machine for any space.

BluTiger customers use their seated elliptical in a number of different ways including under their desk while watching TV, by making their own home gym, and more.

Use Your BluTiger Under Your Desk

This has done wonders for helping with people’s work-life balance, while also giving customers the freedom and flexibility to exercise with BluTiger all from the comfort of their own home or office.

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Many customers like to put BluTiger under their desks so that they can add some physical movement into their workday. The days of sitting in a chair for eight hours are over.

Now, you can get in your steps while you work, without anyone even noticing. You can type on the computer, make phone calls, and even attend virtual meetings, all while using your BluTiger at the same time.

Make a Mini Home Gym

Some customers want to take their fitness game to the next level by making a mini at-home gym, filled with all of the essentials needed to get a cardio workout from home. You can add things like a BluTiger Seated Elliptical, several weights of differing sizes, resistance bands, and a yoga mat for floor exercises.

Be sure to check out some BluTiger Reviews to find even more ways that customers are using BluTiger in their at-home gym.

Watch TV With BluTiger

Another way that customers use BluTiger at home is while catching up on all of your favorite shows and entertainment. Customers love to relax on the sofa and catch up on some TV while getting in their steps with BluTiger at the same time.

You can start slow, by just using your seated elliptical during the commercials. Then before you know it, you will be stepping your way through the entire show, burning calories and making muscles along the way.

Remember that when you work out while sitting on a soft chair or on the sofa, try your best to maintain the proper posture, and to avoid curving your back or neck. You will be sure to love this ultra-convenient way of working out.

Read a Book While Using BluTiger

If you are a bookworm and love to read books or magazines, you can stay up to date with all of the latest novels while working out with your seated elliptical at the same time. You can work out your mind and body with BluTiger, and sail into a peaceful place, all while getting your steps in.

Customers of all ages often tell us that they enjoy reading their favorite story while moving their feet and getting a quality workout.

Get Creative and Use BluTiger Outside

One of the best reasons why customers love the BluTiger Seated Elliptical is because they can use this machine from the comfort of your home, in all seasons, making it perfect for those cold winter months.

However, with spring and summer approaching, get creative with your at-home workouts and find new ways to use your BluTiger outdoors as well. The BluTiger weighs only 14 pounds and comes with a carrying handle, making it easy to carry from room to room.