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Dinner at Ft. Myers’ India’s Grill

India's Grill
Garlic naan
India’s Grill, Fort Myers

India’s Grill is a restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida that, as the astute reader may gather, serves Indian cuisine.

The restaurant opened in February of 2016 and I ate there a few months after. I was contacted by the owner earlier this year to return sometime and try a few more items, gratis. The first time my dining companion (DC) and I went there we thought the food to be very good so I was more than happy to accept the owner’s invitation.

There are both outdoor and indoor dining options in the restaurant. I thought the dining areas were modestly put together but more than adequate to accommodate dining parties both small and large.

The owner’s cousin, Sudev, was our server and made some excellent suggestions for us from their Menu.

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The first item we tried was a vegetarian appetizer, gobi Manchurian.

This is an Asian-Indian fusion dish. Breaded fried cauliflower (gobi) is served in a spicy Asian-inspired sauce of chilies, soy sauce, ketchup and sesame oil. The dish was topped with green onions and garnished with apples, onions and mint. This menu item was a knockout, and one of the best appetizers I have had in recent memory. DC also thought the same. If you closed your eyes you would think this was a meat dish.
Mixed chicken and lamb chop tandoori

We were then treated to a mixed grill of tandoori chicken and lamb chops. Brought to the table on a sizzling platter, the chicken and lamb were marinated in a yogurt-citrus mixture, and spiced with a tandoori masala. Tandoori masala (tandoori spice) is an Indian spice mix consisting of cumin, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, chili, turmeric, mace and salt. The lamb was also seasoned with a sauce using garlic and ginger as a base.

The meats were cooked in a clay tandoori oven which typically get up to 900o F resulting in meats that are both very tender and flavorful. This was also excellent and whether you prefer lamb or chicken you will not be disappointed.

Chicken Chettinad (Left) , Goat Neelagiri khorma (Right)

We then sampled a couple of other dishes, chicken Chettinad and goat Neelagiri khorma.

Both of these dishes are from the Tamil Nadu state of southern India, known for it’s very aromatic and spicy cuisine. Chicken Chettinad is typically marinated in lime juice, turmeric and salt, then ginger, garlic, curry leaves, tomatoes and onions are added to the mix. A very complex seasoning mixture is also added that can include coriander, cardamon, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, clove, anise, coconut and whole black pepper. The dish was very good, but could have had a bit more cracked black peppercorn added to it to give it a little extra “bite”.

Khorma (korma) dishes are meats and/or vegetables that are braised in water, stock and yogurt or cream. This khorma comes from the city of Neelagiri in southern India. After adding a fried onion/garlic paste, the dish can be spiced with cinnamon, cardamon, clove, turmeric, chilies, mint, coriander and the Indian equivalent of herbs de provence or 5 spice powder, garam masala. The flavor of the goat really shined through this delicious and intricate blend of spices and was excellent. Both dishes were served with basmati rice and it was also suggested we have these dishes with garlic naan. The garlic naan was excellent and the perfect accompaniment to these two curries.

Indoor dining area

Our server, Sudev, was extra attentive. Looking around the restaurant I was pleased to see that other diners were promptly acknowledged upon arrival and their food served to them in a timely manner.

Should you be in the mood for a buffet, it is offered daily at India’s Grill and has a good selection of vegan and non-vegan items to choose from. The restaurant also offers delivery service through a 3rd party. Please call the restaurant for details.

I had been a big fan of the Spice Club, a nearby competitor in San Carlos Park that recently closed. I was pleased to find out it had been bought by the owners of India’s Grill. They will no doubt carry on with their tradition of preparing excellent Indian cuisine.

The food sampled at India’s Grill was very good to exceptional. I think there is something here for everyone, from vegans to carnivores and everything in between.

Highly recommended.

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India’s Grill
4724 S. Cleveland Ave.
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Open daily from 1130-3 PM for lunch and 5-10 PM for dinner; No valet parking; All major credit cards accepted; Kids meals available.
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