Democratic Boss Cynthia Busch Latest Misstep

Cynthia Busch on the left (photo from

Broward Democratic boss Cynthia Busch has stepped in it again, this time over the sticky issue of Palestine versus Israel.

Busch sat at a table marked Palestine at a recent Democratic event, just one more blunder added to the mound of missteps she has made in her few months as the temporary chair of the Democratic Party.

A Facebook user identifying himself as Hal Tannenbaum said this about her sitting at the Palestine table:

 …Israel is a country a great country at that recognized by all intelligent nations. Palestine is an ideology, and a frightening ideology bent on destroying Israel, Israelis and Jews world wide. I would have walked out if I saw a table labeled Palestine and I would have audibly stated WHY!

Putting aside the intractable Middle East, consider this:

  • The one and only goal of the Broward Democratic Party is to win elections.
  • The Democratic Party does not exist to be a debating club. It does not exist to advance the aims of Progressives. It will never solve the Israel/Palestine dispute.
  • The party’s sole purpose is to beat the Republicans. That’s it.
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  1. Cynthia Busch continues to be a total joke. How much longer will it be when the Broward DEC members come to their senses and throw the bum out! Next month she will be voting for Bernie Sanders in Philly when a vast majority of true Democrats in Broward County voted for Hillary Clinton. Why does she continue to be so stubborn and stupid? Bernie refused to campaign in the southern states primaries. That does not appear to faze Cynthia. WHY? Does she also take the Bernie line of ‘Blacks do not like me. The Hell with them.’
    Remember Cynthia laid off Black and Gay Mr. Michael Howson. Who wrote an article titled: ‘Cynthia Busch Fired Me Because I am Black and Gay.’ I have been told that Cynthia desires to have 80,000 new Democrats, residing in Broward County, registered this year for the November 2016 elections! Really! Brenda Snipes, Supervisor of Elections states that less than a net 14,000 newly registered Democrats have been signed up since Cynthia took over 10 months ago.
    Lots of Luck Loser Busch!
    And I am sure a majority of those net 14,000 registered Democrats signed up all by themselves! How many new Democratic voters have Cynthia and Maggie Davidson registered? State Committeewoman Maggie should be well rested. After all she sat out working to elect Democrat Charlie Crist in November 2014. How about a much younger and active human in that most important leadership position? The Broward DEC certainly does no longer needs a warm body that does nothing. Add in Cynthia Busch and that makes two zombies doing nothing.
    Finally Cynthia, at the Muslim Democratic Caucus event, what was so wrong with you sitting at the table with the Israel sign?