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Deep Sea Fishing in Islamorada: The Complete Guide

We could lavish superlatives on Islamorada all day long, but there’s no need to. It’s more than enough to tell you that this gem has been crowned as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World.” This speaks volumes about what your deep sea fishing in Islamorada is like. With the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean on its doorstep, Islamorada is the crib of sportfishing.

Situated between Key Largo and Marathon, Islamorada is in the heart of the Florida Keys. This means unsurpassed angling opportunities and an unforgettable deep sea fishing experience for you. While challenging, a bluewater pursuit isn’t only for seasoned anglers. And here lies the beauty of Islamorada deep sea fishing adventures.

To help you understand what awaits in the deep, we’ll outline the most common catches below. Besides fish species, we’ll equip you with knowledge about the latest rules and regulations, fishing techniques, and hotspots. Without further ado, let’s see what deep sea fishing in Islamorada is all about.

Top Islamorada Deep Sea Catches

With a multitude of trophies at your fingertips, deep sea fishing in Islamorada is a dream come true for all avid anglers. These warm waters are home to a variety of prized catches. Be it a record-breaking Billfish or an ever-wanted Snapper, Islamorada is your go-to fishery. In the following section, we’ll cover the most prominent fish species that are on everyone’s radar.

Blackfin Tuna

There isn’t a more distinguished member of Islamorada’s Tuna family than Blackfin Tuna. They’ve made a name for themselves by being incredible wrestling opponents and ferocious swimmers. While they’re the smallest among their Tuna relatives, they’re fast and furious. Small but mighty, Blackfin Tuna are must-fight locals when deep sea fishing in Islamorada.

Blackfin Tuna are permanent residents of the Florida Keys. This means they’ll be around any time you visit Islamorada. However, your chances of landing impressive specimens are higher during spring and fall. Your odds at reeling in a keeper are further boosted by trolling and chumming combo. Casting flies, feathers, and live bait work wonder with Blackfin Tuna, too.

Not only are Blackfin Tuna excellent sportfish, but they’re also exceptionally tasty. So, after a long day of battling them, it’s time for your palate to feel what the buzz is about. Apart from Blackfin Tuna, you may cross paths with Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Skipjack Tuna as well.


Unlike Tuna, Wahoo prefer to be alone. You won’t find them accumulating in schools together, so you’ll need to cover a larger area to locate them. Luckily, Islamorada’s waters are abundant in these speedsters, and finding them shouldn’t be difficult. Plus, trolling can help with luring them your way. But why should you consider pursuing Wahoo in the first place?

Testing your skills against them, of course. Wahoo are notorious for their unpredictable runs and direction shifts. The pure thought of outsmarting them is a perfect reason for going after them. If you’d like a bragging story of your own, rise up with the lark because Wahoo are particularly active in the morning. The early bird catches the… well, Wahoo. So rise and shine!

Mahi Mahi

No deep sea fishing line-up is complete without Mahi Mahi. They’re an integral part of any offshore quest in Florida. Islamorada is no exception. These gorgeous-looking acrobats are in demand due to their sportfish traits and finger-licking meat. Action-packed trips and mouth-watering sashimi are guaranteed when Mahi Mahi are in the picture.

The blazing summer sun marks the beginning of the Mahi frenzy. These speedsters also tend to swim in groups, so don’t be surprised if you unlock a fishing bonanza. Adult Mahi love squid and ballyhoo, but won’t complain if you give them artificial lures or spoons either. Trolling and chumming prove to be a prolific duo when targeting Mahi Mahi, as well.


We saved the best for last – the one and only Sailfish! Muscular and powerful, Sailfish are the ultimate adversaries. They’re world-renowned for their spectacular jumps and strong-willed nature. Sailfish won’t surrender without putting up a resistance. It’s no wonder these intimidating beasts are Florida’s official saltwater fish. As such, they deserve a special place on your deep sea fishing bucket list.

While Sailfish may approach the shallows in summer to spawn, these leviathans abide in the clear offshore waters. You can spot them while they’re swimming closer to the surface and attract them with whole mullet or blue runner baits. Winter is the perfect time for a clash with these titans. Gear up with the proper equipment and patience – you’ll need plenty of both!

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