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Data Privacy in Digital Modern World


Isn’t it astounding that you can access almost anything with your fingertips? Want to shop, book an appointment, study, order food, or even run a business? Thanks to the internet that has given us access to all these facilities.

And now that a smartphone is easily affordable by anyone, more people have access to the internet. But these amenities come with a price: loss of data privacy. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, we are always a bit scared of the unknown as these platforms have plenty of personal information stored in them. No matter how efficient a company’s entitlement management system is, we are still exposed to some potential risks.

The Dark Side of the Digital Modern World

From the Eye of the Companies

Gone are those days when all the companies’ important data was stored in the corner of a room in bulky files. Although this has eliminated the need for paperwork and possible human error, this has also exposed the top organizations to the theft or loss of their confidential data. 

How often are we struck with the news of well-known companies’ private and confidential data being stolen by their competitors or third parties? Thanks (but no thanks) to the advancement of technology, hackers try to break into the systems and capture the data. This causes the loss of billions of dollars, let alone their hard work’s sweat.

From the Eye of the Individuals

Rather than sending a fax or long emails, people have the easiest way out. Social media platforms! This not only allows them to stay connected with their loved ones but also with the entire world. Social media users are kept updated with lifestyle, politics, and news, in general, all around the world.

Again this comes with a price. Social media users are exposed to the risk of hackers entering their social media accounts and gathering their confidential data or even changing the passwords to damage their reputation, mental health, and bank accounts.

Tips for Maintaining Digital Privacy

No matter how hard we try, we are still exposed to scammers, thieves, and hackers trying to hack our confidential data online. At least we can take some measures to give them a pretty tough time:

Get Your Hands on an Anti-Virus   

Install efficient anti-virus software on your system. In case malware enters your computer through the website or email, it will immediately detect it and prevent it from stealing your credentials or important company data.

Secure Passwords

Always keep different passwords for different accounts. Let’s say a hacker gets into one of your social media accounts, but they won’t be able to get into the other.

Also, the longer the password, the better. Your password should consist of a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters to make it very hard to guess.

Keep Updating the Apps

If you use online banking or shop through apps, you need to update them as soon as the update notification pops up on your device. As your credit card information is already saved in the apps, the update keeps fixing bugs or any vulnerabilities that could lead to scammers stealing your info. This can help you keep the scammers at bay.  


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