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Cyber Boy Corp.’S New 3D Chess Game Is Releasing In May


Sr. Roy Andrade is the owner and CTO of Cyber Boy Corp., the #1 game production technology company based in Beverly Hills, CA.

Video games are a source of entertainment and when we are exhausted from daily life activities, these games are a way to forget everything and get comfortable in an adventurous world. It is a source to experience something that you might not be able to enjoy in your normal life.

Not a lot of people know this, but studies reveal that people who participate in video game activities develop a quicker response time than those who do not play video games, people who play video games have active minds and they are better decision-makers in situations when we do not have enough time.

Sr. Roy has now produced a 3D chess video game which is scheduled to release next month.

Sr. Roy Andrade

Sr. Roy keeps producing new exciting video games because innovation is important for the growth and survival of any industry. Secondly, we cannot keep playing the same games always there will be times when we will get bored from old games.

Sr. Roy, thinks that most of the video games that are in the market are decent, but in his opinion, lack imagination. He feels some games have excellent animation, yet lack sound effects, and many other features. His mission is to produce a perfect game in every aspect whether it’s the character, animation, sound effects, storyline, or graphics.

To fulfill his mission he has hired top talented professionals of the field. Many people told him that starting a business, especially, during a global pandemic was insane and not worth the headache. Yet Andrade ignored the naysayers and started Cyber Boy Corp. on March 19, 202. His games helped people to spend quality time when they were stuck in their homes during the pandemic.

Cyber Boy Corp. has become one of the leading game production companies now. The company’s popularity is increasing over time and they have more than 250K followers from all around the world on Instagram as well. The company is developing a gaming console to present strong competition to companies like PlayStation 5.

Apart from game production Cyber Boy Corp. is also in the process of producing several mobile apps. Cyber Boy Corp. under the leadership of Sir Roy, will soon branch out into other aspects of technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Sr. Roy Andrade had the honor of being nominated by Dr. Rich Schultz of the University of Phoenix into The National Society of Leadership and Success on November 23, 2020, and inducted on December 23, 2020.

Where he is today he has not reached there in the wake of a night, he has worked day and night, sometimes working straight 2 to 3 days without sleeping. He believes in developing a strong work ethic. When asked in an interview that what you do for entertainment he said “I work”.

3d chess game releasing on May 5, 2021

Sir. Roy Andrade’s tech company Cyber Boy Corp. is releasing a 3D chess game. It will be available on May 5, 2021, on iOS, Android devices, and PCs. Three-dimensional chess (or 3D chess) game is coming soon in the market. Andrade claims that this game will shock the world of chess players with its incredible graphics.  In this 3D chess game, contestants can compete against bots or other contestants from around the world for cash prizes that he has revealed yet.

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