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Cuteness Overload: Meet the Newest Bloodhound to Join BSO

Deputy Kelli Covet and K-9 Anthem D. Ryce
The 10-week-old bloodhound joins Deputy Kelli Covet and his big sister, K-9 Macie as he trains to help search for missing endangered people, such as children, the elderly, individuals with special needs and individuals living with mental illness.
K-9 D. Ryce will undergo extensive in-house training before being certified with the National Police Bloodhound Association. Afterward, he will then hit the Broward County streets in search of the most vulnerable missing people.
Anthem is the third bloodhound to join the BSO family this year.
Five brothers and sisters of K-9 D. Ryce were presented to other Law Enforcement Agencies recently.  They are:
1. K-9 Raider is joining Shannon May of the Clover Fire Dept in West Virginia
2. K-9 Gracie is joining Chris Ballengee of the Gilmer County VFD in West Virginia. This is the 2nd pup. The other puppy has made several recoveries already of missing hikers.
3. K-9 Anthem joins the Broward County Sheriff in Florida. Anthem will work with Deputy Kelli Covet as K-9 Macie gets ready to retire. BSO has two other bloodhound puppies.
4. K-9 Bandit joins the other bloodhounds at the Florida Dept of Corrections. Besides tracking escapees, they assist other LEO in searching for missing children and adults.
5/6. Two as yet-to-be-named puppies are joining the Brevard County Sheriff in Florida. They will replace two other bloodhounds getting ready to retire.
K-9s Ryley and Bluey (Pictured on either side of Macie)

This past February, BSO welcomed K-9s Ryley and Bluey to the agency. All three bloodhounds were donated to the agency through the Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction. The center was named after Jimmy Ryce who was murdered in Miami-Dade in 1995,  was founded by his parents,  Don and Claudine Ryce, and provides free bloodhounds to law enforcement agencies across the United States. Through their tireless efforts, they brought about changes in legislation on local, state and national levels to keep children safe.

As the organization started to evolve, Don and Claudine decided to focus their energies on providing bloodhounds for law enforcement agencies. As it turns out, when Jimmy was abducted in 1995, a bloodhound was not available to aid in his search.

According to Claudine Ryce, “a bloodhound has 60 times the scent power of a German shepherd and is the only dog that can follow a human trail more than a few hours old. A bloodhound is your best single bet for bringing a child, abducted by a predator, home, alive. We believe that Jimmy would be alive today if a bloodhound had immediately been brought in to search for our son.”

The D. Ryce portion of K-9 Anthem’s name is a tribute to Don Ryce, who passed away in October 2020. In 2009, Claudine passed away as a result of a heart attack
The Jimmy Ryce has Center has donated close to 700 bloodhounds to law enforcement agencies.
To learn more or to make a donation please visit JimmyRyce.org/Donate
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