Home Guest Contributor Covid-19 Havoc: Has Online Medical Care Become the New Love of People?

Covid-19 Havoc: Has Online Medical Care Become the New Love of People?

We are living in weird times!

There is fear. There is a desire to live. There is hope for a good time. And, then there is the distress that nothing will ever get better. People are living with this pool of amalgamated feelings, and they even don’t know for how long they have to dangle between ‘life’ and ‘death’ situations.

The fact is that coronavirus is still here – taking lives, shutting down businesses, limiting the span of life, and making it hard to imagine that we have ever lived a normal life. Yes, it sometimes gets hard to imagine that deserted roads were once filled with countless heads of people who knew how to laugh and live.

While peeking from your window, you look outside and see your neighbor friend looking at you. Your eyes meet, and the other moment you don’t know what to say. Hi? Best of luck? Things will get better? Or, shall you close the curtains without saying anything?

Do you see? Nothing is normal here.

But I have realized amid this pandemic havoc that humans are bestowed with the unique survival instinct. The desire to live is so strong that people find out ways to push the car of their lives somehow.

And this desire to keep on living is the reason why Online Medical Care has managed to garner a pretty huge fan base.

Stay Safe, Stay Home!

You are ill, and no, it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. You have panic disorder, hypertension, high cholesterol issues, or asthma. What will you do?

More and more people are relying on online medical facilities. But this is the story of the current scenario. What will people do after that?

These are some of the reasons that make me propose that people will need considerable time to believe that stepping into the hospital is not equal to signing your own death warrant. And they will find it better to take help of online medical care within the safer premises of their home.

Social Distancing a New Way of Life!

The corona pandemic caught us unnoticed. We never knew that while living in the 21st century, after enabling all the advancements, we can still become helpless in front of a virus.

This fear of uncertainty might trigger people to stay in isolation and dwell in social distancing for a long time. And hospitals have people – a lot of them – and they are also ill.

The fact that you never know a person coughing can be holding a dreadful virus is enough for people to make social distancing a part of their lives. And find alternative ways of living that ensure social distancing, like online medical care.