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Coping With Depression: Natural Alternatives To Consider


Depression rates have recently been on the rise. With the turmoil of the global viral outbreak and rolling lockdowns that accompanied the unfortunate reality, depression and stress has unfortunately become all too common for most of us. While several pharmaceutical medications work to boost serotonin levels in the brain, these medications often host some worrying adverse reactions, not to mention the crutches of addiction they risk.

Whether you are suffering from seasonal depression, chronic depression, or mere circumstantial depression that resulted from the impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak, there are natural alternatives that you can consider.

CBD Products

While CBD may not be able to boost serotonin levels when treating depression directly, the compound can influence how the brain’s receptors interact with the serotonin that is in your body’s system. In many cases, stress-induced depression can be aided with CBD as a result of the compound’s influence on the brain. CBD also hosts beneficial anti-inflammatory benefits as well as relaxation benefits that will assist with insomnia caused by depression.

Hemp-based CBD oil is usually best to use in-junction with other natural supplements when treating depression. For stressed-induced depression, natural stress aids such as ashwagandha root supplements make an ideal pair. On the other hand, St. John’s Wort is a great additional supplement for those experiencing chronic depression.

Before combining natural supplements with CBD products, it is best to evaluate the specifics of your depression and devote some time to thorough research to ensure you are making the right choice. Even though natural supplements are hardly dangerous, especially when comparing them to pharmaceuticals, it is always best to research and speak to a healthcare practitioner to be sure.

Physical Exercise

You’ve probably already heard a few times that exercise is beneficial for the top quality of life. However, when evaluating the effects of exercise on the brain, physical activity should be a staple part of your plan to beat depressive episodes. Physical activity causes the release of endorphins in the brain, which in turn, enhance mood and feelings of wellbeing. For this very reason, exercise can be quite addictive for many people.

Serotonin Boosting Foods

Even though many may be entirely unaware, certain foods can help your brain produce healthy levels of serotonin. Such foods include salmon, seeds and nuts, eggs, cheese and dairy products, pineapple, and most superfoods such as avocado. The fact that there are certain types of foods that can improve mood and mend serotonin production concerns means that a healthy diet should be as important as exercise.

The best approach to beat depression is to combine the methods mentioned above to create a healthy lifestyle. You may find that regular exercise, a balanced diet, and healthy natural supplements are all you need to combat even crippling depression.

However, if your depression is severe, and you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, it is recommended to combine a healthy lifestyle along with professional therapy. Even if you aren’t entirely for the idea of therapy, combating depression often requires a multitude of efforts rather than a stand-alone treatment.


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