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Choosing The Right Fencing for Your Commercial Property

It is important to ensure your commercial property has the right type of fence. The type of fencing you choose will depend on your environment; this is because there are different types of fencing. For example, if the property is near a park or school, it might be good to install a fence that would not obstruct the view of people in these areas. However, if there is an industrial building next door, it should have a tougher fence to prevent theft and accidents.

Before installing a fence, there are many things you must know about this matter; this is because there are a lot of factors to consider, such as the types of people who will be using your property, the time that you have planned to use it for, and other concerns about your property (like parking and access into and out of it).

There are many types of fences that can be used for commercial property. The type you choose will depend on what the environment is like within your business.

Factors that Determine the Right Fence

If your property isn’t fenced, it won’t be safe from strong winds or trespassers. Installing a fence is a wise decision if you want to keep your property safe. You must make sure that it will not become an eyesore to the people passing by or your business partners. To be on the safe side, check out these types of fencing before using them on your property.

  • Chain Link Fence: This type of fence is often used for residential properties and would be perfect for the backyard of a house or a small apartment because it comes in various colors and designs. It is also reasonably priced and easy to install.
  • Wooden Fence: This type of fence is durable and inexpensive. It requires little maintenance, but it only works for small businesses like restaurants or stores. This type of fencing isn’t advisable for big businesses since it won’t provide security to the people inside the property. In large storage facilities, security is a necessity.
  • Wire Mesh Panel: Using wire mesh panel fencing is advisable for commercial property. It’s secure and has a decorative outlook. This type of fencing will surely protect individuals inside the property, whether it is a parking lot or storage building.

We’ve looked into different types of fences. Let’s now delve into factors determining the right fence for you, and they include:

  1. Design

There are different types of fences, and they’re designed differently. For example, if you choose an iron fence, you will need to anchor it into the ground to keep it upright; this will then come with the challenge of inaccessibility into and out of the property. If you have a wooden fence, you will be able to keep it standing without requiring anchoring. This type of fence is not recommended because of its susceptibility to damage during weather conditions.

  1. Security

A fenced area helps limit unwanted intruders coming inside your property; this is especially true if you have a storage building since it has high-value items. You will need to keep an eye on people coming and going from your property so that you do not get robbed of your valuables.

  1. Privacy

People will be more likely to enter your property if the fence lacks privacy. While security is necessary, people usually want privacy on their property; this is because commercial premises are contained by law and are often under surveillance by the authorities and security guards or cameras.

  1. Material

The strength of the fence is dependent on the types of material used. You must invest in material that will ensure fence standing even in harsh weather conditions. It could be windy or rainy, so the fence should be able to protect your property.

  1. Accessibility

This factor is very important to consider. It would be difficult for vehicles to get in and out of your property if you choose a taller fence since this would limit how much of an entrance and exit route you have. It would be best to choose a fence between 4 and 5 feet high.

  1. Cost

You will need to put a lot of thought into the budget; this is because there are many types of fences that you can pay for. If you want to invest in a good-looking fence, it will cost you more than just installing wire mesh panel fencing that only serves the purpose of security.

  1. Maintenance

Besides investing in fence installation, you need to ensure that the fence you’re installing won’t drain you financially when it comes to maintenance; this is because there are common maintenance requirements that need to be carried out on the fence.

  1. Green Building

The best option is to ensure that you go green with the fence; this is because you will be decreasing your carbon footprint when installing a more environmentally friendly option, such as organic fencing. The organic fencing offers better security and durability than the more traditional options, so you won’t have to spend money on fixtures or repair it down the road.

  1. Consider the Local Climate and Weather

In this case, a wooden fence may seem appealing; however, the climate within the locality is the main hindrance. If the weather is prone to natural disasters, you might want to consider a wooden fence that also comes with an increase in maintenance.

For instance, if you live in an area with a high chance of fire, you need to make sure that your wooden fencing is fire-retardant. Again, consider the climate and the local weather before deciding which fencing option works best for your property.


It is important to equip your property with the right fence. If you do not, accidents can occur, and theft and vandalism will also pose a major problem. It is also important that you consider the environment outside of your property when choosing the type of fence to use. Commercial property owners need to have organized fencing to keep the public and their security personnel safe from such risks.