Charge: Broward Election Boss Brenda Snipes “Ethically Challenged”

brenda snipes
Dr. Brenda Snipes (file)

Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes may have the title.

Her long-time Chief of Operations Fred Bellis actually runs much of what goes on the elections office, I am told.

In the past year Bellis has expanded his job description. Now he is also working to get Snipes re-elected.

He shepherds her to campaign stops. He makes calls for her. He raises money.

All while Bellis remains on the Supervisor’s payroll.

Although not unusual in politics, Bellis’ dual role as a government employee and campaign strategist illustrates Snipes’ administration, her opponent David Brown charges.

She is ethically challenged, Brown says.

Brown has made Snipes’ ethics a campaign issue.

By Buddy Nevins,, excerpt posted on July 21, 2016