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Cannabis Unites Pharma, Tobacco And Alcohol Industries


Cannabis continues to make hot news in America and around the world today. In the recent past, we have seen Cannabis legalized in certain Canadian and US states. We are most likely to see more states uplift the ban of this formally illegal substance.

The lifting of Cannabis will pave the way for many enterprises to be established. The cannabis business is going to experience a boom that it has never experienced any time in history.

Already, we are seeing cannabis products making inroads into many industries than before. We are now seeing even food-and-drink-based organizations position themselves in the line of production and distribution of cannabis-infused food.

As the prohibition of cannabis is gradually taking effect in most states in the United States, and elsewhere in the world, we are going to see more pharmaceutical and food industries invest in the trade of marijuana.

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The Pharmaceutical Based Products

In the United States, the pharmaceutical industry is currently one of the most lucrative businesses. These companies and many others have been making and mail order weed and healing drugs made from cannabis – cannabinoids, and terpenes.

In the past, the use of cannabis was restricted by the prescription of a licensed doctor. This is still the case with most states. As the prohibition of cannabis continues to be lifted, we are going to see cannabis-infused products become available in many products without a prescription.

A company called Tilray has shown interest in this trade. Tilray is a producer of medicinal cannabis products like Harlequin.  It has basically joined the race for a share in the cannabis legal trade by announcing its partnership with the world’s great pharmaceutical company called Novartis.

Cannabis-Infused foods

With the lifting of the cannabis ban in many states in the US, the consumption of cannabis-related foods will also go up.

Once cannabis is legalized in your area. you will see it infused in many types of drinks, snacks, candies, gummies, just to name a few. In order to meet this demand cannabis will have to be grown in large quantities.

In the near future, we are also going to witness more investments in the cultivation of cannabis by large companies. As more food industries are working towards making cannabis-infused foods available, it will soon be a normal thing to order for your cannabis-infused gummies over the counter without fear.

Alcohol-based cannabis

The alcoholic industry will also see major benefits. Lovers of beer will soon have more choices to make from than before as cannabis-infused beer will soon be legally available in the market place.

In 2018, Molson Coors Inc., partnered with another company, Hydropothecary with the aim of producing non-alcoholic beverages. Both of these are Canadian companies. Molson Coors makes and sells various brands of beers, while Hydropothecary deals with medical cannabis.

The joining of these two companies will accelerate the production of cannabis-infused alcohol which will see the industry of alcohol and spirits get a major boost among its customers. People will no longer be arrested for taking marijuana drinks as they will be legally accepted.

The Coca-Cola Corporation is also in the process of making major plans to partner with Aurora, Leamington Cannabis and Aphria to produce cannabis-infused drinks. According to these companies, these drinks will help ease pain and inflammation. This will make medicated drinks available in the legal markets.

Many big-time industries are finding ways of joining the cannabis trend. From medical industries to food industries, we are seeing things changing. Traditional industries are also involved in looking for the best ways how to get into the cannabis industry to produce and trade and make profits in this trade.

The cannabis industry is still at its pioneering stage and therefore has many opportunities for future growth. The cannabis-based products will not be immediately available to all consumers as the legalization of cannabis is yet to be realized by most states, nations all around the world.

Consumers who would like to buy legal cannabis-based products will now be free to purchase these products without fear.

However, this is only possible for those states that have legalized cannabis. Even though cannabis prohibition is still a major hindrance in the United States, there are positive signs that more states are going to join in signing into law the growing, manufacturing and distribution of cannabis-based products. This will see the cannabis market is going full-scale in the near future.