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Candidate For Judge Sues: Says Opponent Is Using Phony Name


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but a candidate can’t use just any name the ballot, especially in a race for judge.

Using a phony name in a judicial campaign is illegal, alleges Broward Circuit Court candidate Melissa Minsk Donoho.

Donoho is asking the court to keep opponent Jason Allen Rosner from using a fake name in the campaign.

Jason Allen Rosner suddenly decided that his name should be Jason Allen-Rosner on August’s ballot, according to Donoho.

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The decision moved his ballot position from last to first in a field of four candidates vying for Circuit Court Group 38. Ballot positions are alphabetical.

Rosner’s new name pushes Donoho from first place to second place.

The reason for this con game: Research has found that being listed first is a slight advantage in a low visibility race where many voters know nothing about the candidates.

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