How Can a Sports Psychologist Help a Young Athlete?

Dr. Dara Bushman, sports psychologist

Summer has ended and a new school year has begun. For children deeply involved in sports it means less practice time, prioritizing schedules and more responsibilities.

If you know your child is super talented you enroll them in other classes and bring in elite coaches to enhance their athletic goals. You travel miles and hours to practices and competitions. You commit to doing whatever it takes to optimize results.

Many children might have the physical abilities to rise to the top in their chosen sport but it’s the mental fitness that will ultimately make a champion. Now, more than ever, parents should also consider having a sports psychologist on their “team”.

According to South Florida psychologist, Dr. Dara Bushman, “Anxiety increases as pressure builds to perform better, while spreading themselves thinner. Nurture your young athlete and help them create a schedule of physical and emotional balance. Performance is optimized with adequate rest, sound sleep, optimal nutrition and fun.”

What does a sports psychologist do?

  • Offers an alternative way of thinking for competitive athletes.
  • Works with an athlete to creates a different perspective and helps them focus.
  • Strengthens the ability for athletes to be in “their bubble” and for achievement to be synonymous with potential.
  • Helps develop and individualize a program to increase inner power and accelerate levels of performance.

About Dr. Dara

Dr. Dara Bushman is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, a Certified Rapid Resolution therapist, as well as a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She entered the field ten years ago with an athletic background and a specialty in physical, emotional, and wellness conditioning. Dr. Dara has a diverse clinical background specializing in athletic performance, health and wellness psychology, eating disorders, women’s issues and hypnosis. She has a successful private practice in Hollywood, Florida  and has been a certified fitness professional for more than 16 years.