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Can CBD Gummies Help Kids with Anxiety?


It’s a nice idea: gummies that can help your children calm down instead of revving them up, but is that the whole story? Can CBD gummies really help kids with anxiety, or are they just overhyped?

The short answer is that CBD has been proven effective at reducing anxiety levels. Gummies that were infused with CBD have been revealed as a simple way to give your kids the right dose. They’re also pretty tasty for kids.

Gummies Are Yummy

There’s no question that gummies are a hit with most kids. It’s a time-honored practice to fool your kids into eating something good for them by disguising it. They love the flavor, and they don’t taste the CBD oil.

They’re Convenient

One concern many parents have when using CBD products is getting the dose right. Gummies are an excellent way to get around this. You can easily work out how much oil each gummy contains. From there, match the dose to the weight of your child.

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I’m Not Giving My Child Marijuana!

I’m with you there 100 percent, but CBD oil is one compound out of 104 in the marijuana plant. It’s not going to get your child high because it’s not psychoactive.

The compound you have to worry about in that regard is THC. That’s what gives you the marijuana buzz. Legally speaking, CBD oil has to have less than a 0.3% concentration of THC in it to be legally sold. That’s not enough to get anyone high.

Will It Really Help Them?

Anxiety is not well understood. One thing that we do know is that those with anxiety typically have lower levels of the chemical serotonin in the brain. CBD acts on the serotonin receptors in the brain, making the chemical more available for use.

It doesn’t put serotonin into your bloodstream, but it makes it possible for you to use the serotonin you do have more effectively. Scientists are investigating the effects on brain chemistry more closely, but yes, CBD has a calming effect on most people.

Is It Safe?

Research on the ground is a little thin. We do know that CBD oil doesn’t have adverse side effects for most users. It might unsettle the stomach initially, but this usually passes quickly. That said, there have been cases where it increases irritability and anxiety.

To make things a bit safer:

  • Check the provenance of the oils used: You want to look for responsibly grown cannabis or hemp. Reputable suppliers prefer to use organic methods. This practice reduces the risk of contaminants in the soil being drawn up by the plant.
  • Look for a Certificate of Authenticity: Companies send batches of their product in for testing at third-party labs. Ideally, the certificate should be less than a year old. If it isn’t on their site, ask them for it. If they don’t send it, look elsewhere.
  • The distillation method used: How they extract the oil is critical. Are they using dangerous solvents?
  • Is it hemp-based or marijuana-based? For kiddies, it’s better to get the former. With hemp, the compounds are extracted from cannabis strains that contain very little THC, but high levels of CBD. Plus, marijuana-based hemp tends to be far more expensive.
  • What other ingredients are there? If they’re full of sugar and preservatives, that’s not something you want to feed your child.

Final Verdict

Overall, if you’re careful about choosing the right supplier, you’ll get a safe product. We’d advise starting with a minimal dose on the weekend and seeing what the effects are. Then, take it from there.