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#BSOcial: Detective Michael Weiner

#BSOcial: Detective Michael Weiner
Detective Michael Weiner

Many special moments in BSO Detective Michael Weiner’s life have happened in the sky. At eleven years of age, he put his hands on the controls of a Cessna 172 aircraft. In that instant his passion for flight began.

Detective Michael WeinerIn his 16 years as a licensed pilot, he has learned to fly many makes and models of aircraft, but the four seat, single engine Cessna remains his plane of choice. Three years ago, Detective Weiner chose to fly a 172 for a surprise weekend in the Keys with his then-girlfriend. On the trip he proposed marriage.

“It is an amazing thing to be up in air,” says Weiner. “You feel completely free.”

Detective Weiner considered a career as a pilot, but ultimately made the choice to stay local, close to his family. He joined BSO 12 years ago and in January was promoted and assigned to the Crime Suppression Team.

“Every single day I wake up and put on my uniform is a blessed day,” says Weiner. “It is an absolute privilege to be a BSO deputy.”

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