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BSO Deputy Lt. Aimee Russo – On A Mission To Protect

Lt. Aimee Russo
BSO Deputy Lt. Aimee Russo

Meet BSO Deputy Lt. Aimee Russo who serves Deerfield Beach. Lt. Russo is proud of the work she does in the community, work that she believes will help to make a better world for her son.

“I believe that law enforcement is a calling and at the heart of it is a desire to make a better safer world. My son is my legacy. I want to make a better world for him to live in. For me that means helping those in the communities I serve. Sophia Loren once said ‘As a mother you are never alone with your thoughts. You have to think twice, once for yourself and once for your child.’

As a mom myself, this rings so true. But much like being a mother, as a law enforcement officer you also put the well-being of others before your own. We have a fundamental duty to protect the innocent, the weak and the oppressed. We have to be calm in the face of danger and be mindful of the welfare of others.”

#BSOcial (BSO Social) is a glimpse into the lives of the men and women of our agency. Our employees are fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, neighbors and friends. They go to your places of worship and volunteer for the causes you care about.

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