Broward Sheriff Candidate Jim Fondo’s Hate Ad

Jim Fondo
Fondo Ad in Jewish Journal

Does Broward Sheriff candidate Jim Fondo knows he is running in the Democratic primary?

His ad in the August 10 issue of the Jewish Journal quotes FrontPage, which can only be described as part of the loony right wing of the Republican Party.

The publication is rabidly anti-Muslim.  It is also rabidly pro-Donald Trump, which should be a red flags for most Democratic voters.

Fondo’s ad is a pathetic attempt to appeal to Jews. Hence The Jewish Journal.

Let’s hope most Jews can see the ad for what it really is: Anti-Muslim hate speech, the kind Trump has perfected.

An example of the type of “journalism” featured in Fondo’s source, FrontPage: “Donald Trump’s Lincolneque Moment, A landmark In The Emergence of a New Republican Party” about the GOP candidate’s speech to African American’s last week.

Trump is a lot of things, but Lincolneque???

Hey, Jim Fondo. Trump is about as popular among Democrats voting in the primary as Zeka.

Why quote Frontpage, a mouthpiece for Trump and hate?   Embracing such a dubious source in a campaign ad will lead Democrats to question your loyalty to Democratic principles…and reality.

By Buddy Nevins,, excerpt posted on Aug. 23, 2016 


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