Broward Judge Matt Destry’s Cut-Rate Fund Raiser


I was always told about campaign fund raisers that if you shoot low, you get low.

So I was surprised to see Circuit Judge Matt Destry asking for $25 minimum at tonight’s fund raiser. The $25 buys a free drink.

Since drinks in East Fort Lauderdale taverns can easily cost more than $10 apiece, the fund raiser is a real bargain.

One can look at this two ways:

  • Destry is a Man of The People and his re-election campaign wants anybody to be able to afford to attend the reception.
  • Destry is a hard sell and his campaign has had a hard time getting well-heeled donors to attend, so they dropped the price.

You can decide which of my theories is correct.

Destry has two opponents — Brian Greenwald, a veteran criminal defense attorney, and Abbe Rifkin, a long-time prosecutor.

By Buddy Nevins,, for, April 5, 2016