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Broward Health: Fired Their CEO Or Lose Ability To Treat Medicare Patients

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The troubled public health care system Broward Health today fired its interim CEO Pauline Grant over allegations she received a kickback from a physician seeking a better work schedule.

The firing was labeled by some as part of the power struggle between Broward Health General Counsel Lynn Barrett and her critics.

“Brwd Health Atty, Lynn Barrett orchestrates ouster of CEO Grant in Board Power Play for latest embarrassing Broward Health debacl,” tweeted Dan Lewis, a well-known political activist and longtime skeptic of the operations at Broward Health.

The health system for the northern two thirds of Broward has been torn by internal political strife since CEO Nabil El Sanadi shot himself to death in January.

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Barnett has been repeatedly criticized during the turmoil but has survived while her critics such as former Board Chair David Di Pietro fell by the wayside.  DiPietro quit the Board.

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