Broward County Blacks, Hispanics Poised For Greater Political Influence

Broward County

Too many Broward County city commissions remain overwhelmingly White.

Not for long.

With more minorities registering to vote, change is coming to city halls.

Take Sunrise.

It has:

  • 23,084 White voters
  • 16,281 Black voters
  • 13,474 Hispanic voters

How long can Sunrise continue to have an all-White commission?

Or Plantation.

It has:

  • 35,306 White voters
  • 10,571 Black voters
  • 9,393 Hispanic voters

Yet the Plantation City Commission and mayor are White.

Or North Lauderdale.

It has:

  • 11,085 Black voters
  • 3,928 White Voters
  • 3,403 Hispanic Voters

The mayor and three of the four commissioners are white.


Or Pembroke Pines

It has:

  • 38,993 Hispanic voters
  • 37,113 White voters
  • 19,008 Black voters

The mayor and three of the four commissioners are non-Hispanic Whites.

Or Weston

It has:

  • 19,003 White voters
  • 14,747 Hispanic voters
  • 1,755 Black voters

Three of the four commissioners and the mayor are non-Hispanic Whites.

[vc_message message_box_style=”3d” message_box_color=”turquoise”]By Buddy Nevins,, excerpt posted on Sept. 15, 2016[/vc_message]