Bill Gates Drops $13.5 Million For Wellington Neighbor’s Property – Plans To Buy Entire Street!

Four more properties to go, for an estimated $20 million

WELLINGTON — Bill Gates, America’s richest man, today bought his neighbor’s property, kicking off a shopping spree to gobble up his entire street!

Stuart Roffman’s property, which is now Bill Gates’ (MLS Photo)

The Microsoft co-founder paid $13.5 million for local developer Stuart Roffman‘s five acre property at 3060 Mallet Hill Court, a 4-acre lot with a 7,000-square-foot house and a brand-new horse barn.

The property was on the market for two months for $15 million and touched Gates’ property at 3155 Mallet Hill Court.

The availability gave the rich nerd a reason to double his holdings on the street in one stroke of the pen.

“Yes, I can confirm the close happened earlier this afternoon,” said Craig Galle, the equestrian business attorney who represented Roffman. “It might have been one of the strangest closings I’ve ever had in 25 years but it’s over and done.”

A Realtor familiar with the circumstances told Gossip Extra that the closing was nearly cancelled after Roffman found out Gates’ purchase was being handled by Realtor Maria Mendelsohn, with whom Roffman has had a decade-old feud.

“Stuart accused Maria years ago of badmouthing him,” the source told us. “He swore then Maria would never, ever make any money on any of his deals.

“Maria tried to hide she was involved but Stuart eventually figured it out when he saw that email were being cc’ed to her.”

Gossip Extra exclusively reported Gates’ plan last week: The billionaire 77 times over, who’s in Wellington for the Easter break, is in the process of buying his entire street after spending the last three winters at his ranch.

As Gossip Extra told you exclusively at the time, Gates paid $8.7 million for his original property in May 2013 so that he and wife Melinda could watch their daughter Jennifer train and compete in the Winter Equestrian Festival.

Soon after his arrival, Gates forced several changes on the street, including stepped up all-year-round security.

Four more properties to go, for an estimated $20 million

But while he’s been getting along with his neighbors just fine, Gates wants to close off Mallet Hill Court to everybody else.

Here is what he is buying over the next few days:

— 13715 Quarter Horse Trail, 5 acres across Mallet Hill Court from Gates. It’s not officially for sale and is appraised by county authorities for $4.2 million. The property is owned by Constance Grasso, and James and Stephanie Kelley

— Three adjacent vacant lots at 3094, 3162 and 3128 Mallet Court are owned by two investors. Combined, the three lots represent a surface of 4 acres and are appraised by county authorities for a total $1.5 million.

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By Jose Lambiet,,, Mar. 25, 2016 

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