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Biggest Sporting Leagues Across the World


No doubt, some of the biggest sporting leagues worldwide are in the football industry. Evident in tons of fans, financial worth, sponsorship, and worldwide coverage/transmission. That’s why soccer fans believe that their favorite sport owns the biggest sporting leagues.

However, there are other massive sporting leagues worth billions of dollars. If you’re curious, here are the top five biggest sporting leagues across the world.

  • Champions league

The Champions league assembles 32 European football clubs into eight groups containing four teams each. They have to knock each other out to claim the title. Altogether, the champions league title is the most prestigious in European football, so it’s no surprise every team aims to win it by ensuring their team has the best of players once the transfer window opens.

Winning alone is worth around €2 billion. Real Madrid currently holds the record for the most champion league wins with 13 trophies. If you are a punter, the champions league provides one of the biggest sports betting platforms whether with a bookie or online with sites like Infogol. Another season just kicked-off with the draws, so it’s time to make some quick bucks.

  • La Liga

The league came into the football scene in 1929 and is currently one of the biggest leagues with fans reaching 400million. When it comes to popularity, La Liga is far behind the English premier league. Nevertheless, the Spanish league is a giant and home to Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of the world’s wealthiest clubs.

The Spanish La Liga is worth €4.48 billion, which it generates from player transfers, commercial revenue, ticket sales, and broadcasting. Barcelona and Real Madrid contribute mostly to the Spanish La Liga’s success, with both teams recording 19 wins in the European champions league.

  • Bundesliga

The German football league is another big sports league with revenues reaching $4 billion. Their fan base is one of the largest in the world as it records an average of 42,800 ticket sales in each game. Bundesliga league games have one of the highest spectators around the globe.

  • The English Premier League

If you are looking for the most popular and the best soccer leagues on the planet, the English premier league stands out. In terms of revenue, it isn’t the largest in the world yet; the EPL generates revenues in billions of pounds with the majority from broadcasting while the rest comes from commercial/ sponsorship deals and match-day revenues.

Right now, they own the biggest TV rights deals, as Sky and BT recently renewed their partnership with the league, which currently amounts to £5 billion. Premier League matches are broadcasted in 213 countries worldwide, reaching nearly more than half the world’s population. You’ll find fantastic players such as Harry Kane, Mo’ Salah, Paul Pogba, etc. in the English premier league.

  • The NFL

Well, the NFL may not be able to stand European football when it comes to popularity and its fan base, but in terms of revenue, the NFL in a class of its own. As of 2018, it’s worth a little over $16 billion. The American football league has 32 franchises, which account for over half its revenue, while players only get about 48% based on the NFL’s CBA (collective-bargaining agreement).

The NFL has partnerships with NBC, ESPN, and Fox, which further accounts for part of its yearly revenue. Aiming at a net worth of $25 billion, the NFL will be out of its contracts in a couple of years, so achieving this feat should be possible.