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Best Shows To Binge Over The Holiday Season


The holiday season is all about spending time with your family, being cozy, eating your favorite meals and of course, Binge-Watching.

We have decided to make things easy for you so we have picked a list of shows for all tastes that you can watch this holiday season with your family. Some of these shows get aired on TV channels while some you can watch on streaming sites.

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Stranger Things

You must have watched this show before on Netflix. If not, you’re seriously living under a rock! This sci-fi horror thriller series is about weird things happening in a small town in Indiana in the 1980s. The first season is all about a bunch of kids roaming around searching and searching for their missing friend Will Byers, while he’s trapped into a creepy alternate world called Upside Down.

The second season follows the storyline and perfectly continues it delivering unexpected and heartwarming friendships with of course some Stranger Things happening around. This show is an easy binge-watch with your kids, cousins, friends, and family.

This show has currently 3 seasons available on Netflix and has the whole world hooked up with their upcoming season i.e. Season 4. It’s promised in 2022 till then you can enjoy 3 seasons of pure thrill, fun, and horror fiction.

The Good Place

A really fun show that must be on your list to watch if you enjoy watching clever comedy. You can stream all four of The God Place seasons on Netflix. It’s an American fantasy show in which ‘The Good Place’ is referred to as a town where those who have been good throughout their lives go after they die.

The twist comes in when the lead character Eleanor arrives and realizes that she has been mistaken for someone else because she has lived a very questionable life. She seek help from her friends she made in that place to earn an actual spot in a Good Place.

What makes this show so special is the non-sense jokes, witty comedy, ethical lessons, and an urge to become a positive person that has been displayed throughout the show. It has deep-rooted moral philosophical lessons along with great humor. It’s a perfect sitcom to enjoy with your loved ones this holiday season.

The Good Doctor

This show is available on Hulu, YouTube TV, fuboTV, Apple TV, Netflix and many more sites. The show revolves around a young surgeon with autism who gets recruited into a surgical unit of a well-reputed hospital. Due to his medical condition, he’s unable to connect personally with people around him but he uses his extraordinary gifts to save lives and be ‘A good Doctor’ that he is.

The reason why this show made it to our list of binge-worthy shows is that it doesn’t follow any overly dramatic storyline, shows strong female empowerment, proves that differences are the biggest strength we have and it connects us to current affairs. Overall it’s a great show to watch as it has a heart into it and shows warm relationships.


Are we still talking about Friends? Friends the TV show? Hell yeah! We are still obsessing over it and probably always will. This 90s comedy TV has a special place in our hearts. The popular series focuses on six friends living in Manhattan going through everything together from love, marriages, heartbreaks, fights divorce, job losses and everything in between.

The moral of the show is something that will always be relatable i.e. good friends will be there for us no matter what because they are the family we choose. How heartwarming that still is. We can watch this show a hundred times again this is exactly why we recommend you do the same.

So live up to your nostalgia. Re-watch ‘Friends’ with your friends and feel all the love, warmth, and laughter fits all over again.



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