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Best Gift Ideas for Music Lovers in 2020

After a difficult year of not seeing friends and family as much as they would like due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking forward to the 2020 holiday season with great anticipation.

Whether getting together in person with loved ones or not, it’s not too early to start thinking about the perfect gift. The list below should be especially useful for those who want to buy a special gift for the people in their life who love music.

Ideas for Unique Holiday Gifts for Music Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for a music lover doesn’t necessarily mean buying that person a musical instrument. Here are several gift ideas that the musically inclined are sure to appreciate:

Inspiring Instrument Posters

Fans come to know musicians by their voice, musical style, and choice of instrument in many cases. The guitar, which comes in a variety of artistic styles and can produce either electric or acoustic sounds, seems to attract even more interest than other instruments in the musical world.

Music lovers who play guitar themselves or just appreciate the sound should enjoy a poster 64 famed guitars culled from over 75 years of rock history. They can even test themselves to see if they know which guitars belong to which singers without looking at the small print underneath the picture.

Vinyl records

Once the most popular way to play music, the vinyl record gave way to 8-track tapes, then cassette tapes, compact discs, and finally the musical downloads many people prefer today. However, nostalgia is making a comeback and many music lovers go out of their way to purchase vinyl record albums.

Some companies have capitalized on the nostalgia trend by offering monthly subscriptions for vinyl records. The gift giver can choose a theme of music or let the recipient choose by giving a gift card instead.

Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX

Music lovers often express great appreciation for clear sound quality. Great sound quality every time they use these powerful earbuds for enhanced music listening from Nuheara. They connect via Bluetooth your smartphone, computer or television to deliver pitch-perfect digital sound.

Bass sounds are especially improved thanks to the acoustical design created by Nuheara. The earbuds also offer a noise-canceling feature, hearing assistance based on the individual’s profile, and numerous other features.

Collection of Unreleased Songs by Prince

Music fans everywhere mourned when the eclectic and wildly popular recording artist Prince died suddenly at age 57 in April 2016. Their grief lessened somewhat when they learned that the people responsible for clearing out Prince’s estate found a massive vault of unpublished music dating to 1983. The timeline matches the period when Prince recorded songs for his Purple Rain The unpublished songs are now available as a boxed set for approximately $35.

Ukulele with strap and case

The Donner Company makes a mini ukulele that anyone can learn to play. The small size of the Donner ukulele makes it easy to transport to parties and carry around to practice during downtime. Not too many people can claim to own a ukulele, so the gift recipient’s talents should be in high demand in no time.


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