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Benefits Of Yoga In Drug Addiction Recovery

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Recovering from drug addiction can be a difficult process. Treatment has definitely proven to help people stop using drugs and improve psychological functioning but the outcomes can vary from one person to another.

Out of the many methods of recovery therapy, yoga is one that impacts drug addiction recovery positively. It helps restore your body physically, mentally and spiritually and reverse the damage caused by drug addiction.

It stimulates the release of hormones which reconditions the affected tissues and cells. Your body becomes more relaxed which helps reduce the emotional stress associated with withdrawal. Yoga also minimizes the occurrence of seizures and hallucinations during the recovery process.

Contributes To Higher Levels Of Gray Matter In The Brain

The gray matter in your brain is responsible for many important functions like muscle control, sensory perception, decision making and self-control.

Drug addiction has been linked to accelerated decreases in a gray matter which can subsequently result in problems like memory loss, lack of self-awareness and stress disorders. Impulsive and out-of-control behavior are not uncommon in drug addicts and yoga can aid in minimizing such compulsive behavior patterns.

Helps You Cope With Negative Emotions

During the difficult time of recovering from drug addiction, the patient is extremely vulnerable and susceptible to feelings of sadness, depression, loneliness and helplessness.

Very often these patients adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms which can lead to conflicts and compulsive behavior. Yoga helps in processing negative emotions in a healthy manner and also regulates impulse control. The patient learns to control himself better and face difficult situations properly.

Yoga Therapy Is Beneficial For PTSD

Many people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder often resort to drugs to minimize symptoms of depression, guilt and anger.

Statistics show that about 1 in 9 soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder due to exposure to war-zone trauma. Because of this, they have a higher risk of developing a drug addiction.

Yoga can aid in the stabilization of the autonomic nervous system with a combination of counseling and psychotherapy. It helps them deal with the traumatic memories which arise in an effective manner by enabling them to regulate their physiological survival response.

In fact, many recovery programs and rehab for veterans have yoga therapy to help deal with drug addiction.

Helps You Achieve Better Self Control

Drug addicts generally suffer from feeling a lack of control over their own bodies. Continued dependence on drugs for temporary feelings of relief makes it difficult to go back to a state without drugs. Therefore during withdrawal, patients tend to feel out of control and recall traumatic events from the past.

Helps Improve The Nervous System

Drug addicts can have an improper cerebral balance due to addiction and cravings. Yoga helps stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is the calming side of the system. This helps in easing many of the side effects of drug addiction recovery like headaches, increased muscle tension, digestion issues and increased blood pressure.

Yoga’s benefits in drug addiction recovery are numerous and it helps reduce the overall anxiety and stress associated with the process.