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Behind the Controls: Tobias Hägg of Air Pixels


We hope you like beautiful landscape photography. Because that’s precisely what Tobias Hägg of Air Pixels creates. Tobias is a photographer/filmmaker who was born in Sweden. And while he’s captured plenty of Swedish landscapes from his camera and drone, he is also very well-traveled – and you’ll see it from his breathtaking images.

TobiasTobias is also quite and accomplished photographer having some of his work published in National Geographic, The Telegraph and Daily Mail.

At the end of this read, you’ll notice that Tobias is quite a perfectionist. He knows he’s far from perfect, but he pushes the envelope in getting the finest details just right when it comes to his photography and, as a result, his work really sticks out.

With the advent of Instagram, Tobias thought it was a good idea to start showcasing some of his work on the platform. He created the @AirPixels account about a year ago and he says things have really blown up since. As a result, he now gets to live out his dream of traveling the world as a landscape photographer. That hard work, dedication and keen eye for details are all reasons we selected Tobias as this weeks talented pilot Behind the Controls.