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Be Alert At Home For Worn Out Pipes; Watch For Telltale Signs


Being aware of the state of your plumbing at home is the best way to prevent incidents like overflowing drains and leaking pipes. Water pipes run through the house from the roof to the ground and serve the various purpose of supplying and draining water to and from multiple places across the house.

Since most pipes run underground or behind the walls, it is hard to detect leaks early, which can be known only when some signs show up like some area of the house smells mushy or there is some foul odor indicates problems with the sewer line.

Proper monitoring of the pipes, especially in older homes, can help detect problems that happen due to the aging of pipes that tend to wear out. If you are unable to do the monitoring, you can arrange a periodical inspection by a plumber West Palm Beach FL.

The inspection will reveal some signs or clues about the impending problems and help take quick action to avoid bigger damage. The following clues will tell you about the kind of problem and possible solution.

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Pipes are leaking

Do not ignore even small pipe leaks that can turn into much bigger problems as there might be something wrong with the pipes. If your house is an old one, the pipes will deteriorate and start giving problems. If you see the growth of mold or mildew at any place in the home, especially in the bathrooms and at locations close to the pipelines, it could be a sign of water leakage. Leaking pipes create a moist and damp environment that is favorable for mold growth, and such a problem mostly occurs for pipes running behind the walls or under the floors. Spotting mildew in bathrooms might not be a visible sign of leaking pipes, but at other places, it is a sure sign of pipe leakage.

Corroded tubes

Pipes that start wearing out from inside due to poor quality will begin showing signs like flaking or dimpling when the corrosion is substantial. If it happens, then replacing the pipe is the only solution. Early pipe damage can occur if the water is acidic that corrodes the tubing. Copper pipes corrode if left unused for quite some time.


Check the areas around the sink and basin, and if you see some stains under the basin or watermarks and discoloration on the adjoining walls, consider it as a red flag as there could be issues with the pipelines. If you look up at the ceiling above which there is a bathroom on the upper floor and see similar watermarks and stains, it indicates water leakage.  Besides looking for stains on the bathroom walls, see if there is any warping that can happen from prolonged exposure to water from leaking pipes.

Lastly, if you see discolored water coming out from any outlet like the sink taps or faucets, it shows deep corrosion of pipes due to rusting that needs immediate replacement.  The color is the result of rust particles mixing with water, which turns the taste unpleasant and even hardens water.