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Bail Bond Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Make


It’s stressful to see a loved one held up in jail! The immediate thought is how to get him/her out of prison and fight the legal case. The obvious way is to post a bail bond, with the help of a bail bond agent or company.

Since it’s stressful to find a loved one held up in jail, people often make some wrong bail decisions. It is essential to steer clear of these mistakes.

Getting in touch with a wrong bail bond agent or company

You need to get in touch with a bail bond company, depending on your location! It’s best to choose one in your region so that you can connect at times of urgent need. To ensure you are taking the correct decision, you need to follow a few points.

Faith Based Events

For instance, make sure that you ask your lawyer for a suggestion. Usually, bail bond agents/companies and lawyers work in close co-operation. Your lawyer can refer a decent bail bond company that is an expert in the bailing process. To know more about this, you can check out Castle Bail Bonds Franklin County.

Stay careful of costly bail bonds

You must stay aware of the costly bail bonds! The majority of states have a fixed percentage that needs to be given to the bail bond company to release the defendant. Usually, the amount is 10%. However, there are bail bond companies that are less established, which charge you lesser. It’s perfect as long as there’s nothing illegal about it.

The correct reputation

You need to choose a bail bond agent or company that has a good reputation. It means you need to research and check online feedback and reviews. If a bail bond company has excess negative reviews, you shouldn’t opt-in for it, just because it’s located close to you.

It would be best if you didn’t hide the truth from the bail bond agent and court

It’s natural for the bail bond agent/company as well as the court to ask a set of questions during the bailing process. These questions justify that the defendant and his/her family aren’t able to cater to the bail obligations. However, they are trustworthy to cater to the obligations towards the court and the bail bond agent.

The defendant and his/her family must state only the truth at the court. It is essential to share the fact with the bail bond agent as well. If the bond gets revoked, the judge has the power to issue a bench warrant.

Other than making a person go to prison, the bail bondsman might also reverse the original bond. Hence, before the release, it is essential to sign the second bond agreement that comprises paying the extra fee to the bail bond company or agent.

Having a wrong co-signer

The co-signer is essential when a defendant can’t post his/her bail because of financial stress. Therefore, it is necessary to select the correct co-signer. When the co-signer is not trustworthy, the bailing process might take time, and the defendant might get held up in jail for a long time.

These are a few mistakes that are best to avoid. It will make the bail bond process easy and hassle-free.