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B2B Email Marketing: 5 Top Tactics for Lead Generation


In-house lead generation has become the new mantra for success in digital marketing. You cannot discover your core customer base by buying generic leads from data vendors. Successful marketing campaigns follow a bottom-up approach to generate leads organically. You can get higher traffic conversion by generating your own leads and building a lifelong asset of marketing data.

There are many ways to generate B2B leads like content marketing, google ads, keyword targeting, LinkedIn messaging, cold calling, email marketing, pop-ups, web cookies, webinars, market surveys, and website features. Here are the top 5 tactics for lead generation through B2B email marketing. 

Nail the Email Subject and Preview Text 

In the era of information overload and attention scarcity, businesses’ average email open rate is just 22.7%. This means 8 out of 10 B2B marketing emails are not even opened. Every word in the email subject and the preview text matter, and you can increase the chances of being read using the right words. Try to work on basic human emotions and biases while designing a clickable subject line. Some primary emotions to aim for are curiosity, urgency, and excitement. 

Understanding the emotional motivators will help you instantly connect with your readers. The preview text (snippet) appears below the subject and should concisely summarize the email’s purpose. You can promote your products/services here. It would help if you aimed to contextualize your subject line and preview text with the customer’s needs based on market surveys. Never include smileys/emojis on B2B marketing emails, as it can seem unprofessional and casual. 

Behavioral Strategies for B2B Email Marketing 

Understanding how B2B consumers behave when they see a new email is essential. Many email marketers make the common mistake of bombarding readers with promotions and discounts during the lead generation phase. This can seem unwanted and intrusive to the reader. The first email should aim to introduce the core beliefs of your brand. Go back to basics on the value you create through your products and services. Empathize with your client’s needs and showcase the solutions your brand provides. 

Businesses value honesty and fiduciary trust more than anything. If you are asking for the personal contact details of the employees, make sure to be transparent. You can create a strong privacy policy and link it to the email. Your readers might not even visit them, but it makes you look more sincere and trustworthy.

Make sure to maintain a gap of at least a week before re-sending an email to the same client. You can also use advanced analytics to profile online buyer activity progressively and send automated emails based on tracking triggers. For example, you can send an email whenever a customer searches for your product category on search engines.

Make B2B Marketing Emails Personal

B2B sales are personal. You cannot apply mass-selling B2C strategies for high-value deals in B2B sales. More important than products, features, and marketing strategies are the emotions you can arouse with your lead generation emails. A generic email bluntly asking for personal contact details conjures suspicion and is sure to go to spam. You can hide your marketing intentions with honesty and class. One good way is to know your client and use any information to subtly make your messages more personal.

You can take the help of a custom list-building service to generate verified leads and divide them into actionable segments. If you are using multiple sources of lead, take clues from those sources and run segmented campaigns for each source. Linkedin can be a great source of information for personalizing B2B marketing emails.

Design a Killer B2B Marketing Email CTA

Humans love action. You must keep engaging with your client until you break their curiosity barrier. Every B2B consumer goes through a sales funnel that starts with discovering one’s needs, understanding the products available in the market, and then deciding on what’s best for their business.

Once you are able to connect with the customer’s needs, you need to divert them to your brand quickly. A well-designed Call to Action (CTA) and a search engine optimized (SEO) landing page can serve the purpose. Your CTA should inspire action and contain a strong verb that invokes urgency. You can include hyperlinks inside the text or design a catchy CTA button at the end of your text. 

The exact CTA you use will depend on your product and project. A good CTA will boost your B2B email marketing click-through rate, but it also needs a follow-up action. Make sure that the landing page does what was promised in the CTA. Never promise more than you can deliver. It can damage your long-term reputation and set a bad precedent for your brand. While running a long-term email marketing campaign, you can benefit by conducting A/B Testing and optimizing your CTA based on feedback. 

Great Value Generates Great Leads

Value generates curiosity, and curiosity generates leads. Successful digital marketers hide their lead generation process within a value engine. The value is a reward for which your reader is willing to give you their information. If you are selling financial products, develop an online calculator where your customers can see their business savings.

If you have a physical product, make a demo video on youtube, and link it out in the email. If you are doing something revolutionary to disrupt your industry, invest in creating an infographic that you can include inside your email. You can design a brochure of your products/services and layer it within lead generation CTA.

You can seek email for industry-specific newsletters if you are in the media industry. You can also provide a sample product or a limited subscription to your services for generating high-conversion leads. Providing genuine value will make customers come to you without any effort.