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At Just 9 Months Old, Most Babies Understand The Concept Of Friendship

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On June 8, honor your closest and dearest friend on Best Friends Day.

The relationship between best friends is often fierce and can withstand distance, storms and silence.  Whether we’ve known them all our lives or they are more recently acquired, best friends make tough times bearable, fun times memorable and memorable times priceless.

Maybe there are several best friends in your life.  No matter how many there are, get together and celebrate the day!

  • At just 9 months old, most babies understand the concept of friendship. Research shows that babies can recognize and pay attention to the fact that people with similar likes and dislikes tend to be friends.
  • Friendship is good for your health. Believe it or not, people with larger networks of friends actually live longer! Having friends can reduce stress and depression and add immensely to your happiness.
  • Get this—in your life, you will have approximately 396 friendships, but only 36 will truly last (thats one in 12).
  • Studies have shown that marriages typically last if they are rooted in friendship
  • We lose half of the friends in our friend group every seven years. If a friendship lasts over seven years, you will most likely have that friend for life.
  • When faced with major illnesses, those individuals with a great social network are in a better position to survive. The loving support of friends helps them through the healing process.
  • “With a Little Help From My Friends” (Beatles) was released in year 1967 on celebration of 10th International Friendship Day.
  • A 10-year study by the Centre for Ageing at Flinders University found that a network of friends was more important than close family relatives in prolonging life. People aged over 70 with an extensive network tended to live 22 per cent longer than those with less extensive networks.


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