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Are Web Designers In Demand In 2021?


UX, 3D, motion, web design, kinetic typography. We tell you about the trends that are popular today and will be in demand in the near future.

Web design, product design, UX.

Digital is our second habitat. It should be convenient, ethical, beautiful and effective. Many different specialists work in this field – researchers, designers, design managers, designers. All major companies have online services and digital products of one complexity or another.

Here design is often about business – it affects the models and mechanics of interaction with the consumer. A product designer forms the concept of the product, determines how to solve business problems and achieve set goals with the help of design, and together with the manager leads the team to the implementation of the strategy.

In addition, digital is the universal language of the world. A good interface should be understandable to users on an intuitive level. That is why it is important to study people, their habits and behavior, the world’s best practices and check them with templates like free iphone mockup.

Developing information infrastructure and designing a comfortable user experience is a very important task for which UX-designer is responsible.

Today, UX-design is a necessary and sufficient skill for successful professional existence. This is explained by the fact that it is not so much the work with tools, things or objects, but with interaction, without which any function will be passive and unclaimed. This knowledge is the basis on which the designer will be able to find application today and in the future with the emergence of new technologies and digital formats


3D is a powerful tool for communication and visualization. This direction allows to realize the most incredible ideas and create what is not in reality. 3D artists often work independently, while collaborating with global brands and participating in interesting collaborations.

You can start your profession by learning the tools and techniques. But it is equally important to form your own recognizable style and determine the range of themes and subjects. Many 3D artists work in movies and video games, creating animated illustrations and visual effects, so storytelling skills are very important.

Graphic Design

The foundation of the basics, so the direction offers a very wide range of possibilities. The graphic designer solves a wide variety of tasks related to the visual part of the product and creates concepts that serve them.

Responsible for aesthetics, visual communication, delivery of meanings defined by the concept. Mastering the profession is worth starting with choosing a niche. You can develop corporate styles and identity for brands, products, cultural centers, events – these are entire ecosystems with multiple formats and mediums. Graphic designers have the opportunity to go away and work in the world’s iconic studios.


Designers who are proficient in animation tools have a lot to choose from. Broadcasts, parallax effects, compositing, shape animation – motion is in demand in television and film, design studios and advertising.

Another trendy specialty now associated with animation – kinetic typography. It’s essentially a combination of the two, so not only a mastery of software and animation techniques but also an understanding of fonts and typographic principles will be required. Kinetic typography expands the toolbox of the modern designer, making it easier to convey meanings and perform their tasks in a new way.



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