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Are Online Degrees As Good As Advertised? – Opinion

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These days, there is a massive trend of people opting for online degrees rather than going for traditional ones. Online education is no longer a thing of future, it is happening, and it is right now.

The conservative views of many employers regarding the validity of online degrees are changing as they realize that having a degree, whether it is online or traditional, is better than having no degree at all.

However, online degrees still have some stigmas attached to it and have gotten a pretty bad rep due to misinformation.

You Have To Do Everything on Your Own

If anyone says that you’re in it alone or that no one will help, are spreading misinformation. It is true that there is some level of personal responsibility which prepares you for professional life, but to say that you are alone, is wrong.

With the onset of technology, connecting with someone through your laptop or mobile is seconds away, and you will be surprised at the level of communication you will have with your classmates and your professor.

Every accredited college in Florida is implementing new and innovating technology to make interaction easier and taking classes online a fun an engaging experience.

Your Degree Won’t Be Taken Seriously

A common myth regarding online degrees is that employers don’t take it seriously. After the first glance at your resume, the employers won’t even notice that you took an online course unless you volunteer to disclose this information yourself.

Employers are more interested in the level of your education and weigh your qualification by looking for the reputation of the institution. To ensure that you have a good chance of getting employed, explore your school’s reputation and its relationship with local business community.

You Won’t Learn As Much 

My counter-argument is that many of us don’t even know what the professor is saying or explaining because of so many students in a class distracting a student. Gaining attention of your professor in the virtual world is a lot easier.

There are plenty of ways to contact him including phone calls, emails, via text, and live video call. However, before choosing a program, you should make sure that the institution facilitates a healthy relationship between a student and a professor to promote learning.

It’s Very Hard to Find A Real Degree

It might be true up to a point as there are some institutions that are not accredited on a national or regional level. Getting degrees from these institutions is truly worthless as the level of teaching quality, and market value is practically non-existent.

To become accredited, a university must be evaluated and validated by a reputable third-party agency which makes sure that the institution is meeting the educational standards set by them. Therefore, make sure that the institution you’re going for is accredited to get the maximum out of your degree.

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