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Apple’s Macbook Pro Event: Start Time, Live Blog, And Streaming

Image: TheVerge

Apple is set to announce a few new products in Cupertino today. We’re still not sure about everything that the company will announce, but all signs point to a refresh of the MacBook Pro lineup at the very least.

The new MacBook Pros — which leaked earlier this week — have a touch-sensitive OLED control bar that will be able to change based on what you’re doing on the computer at any given time. They will also come equipped with a TouchID sensor.

To make room, the function keys, brightness buttons, and the escape key have been jettisoned. The new laptops are supposedly thinner and lighter, and in the leaked photos you can see a smaller bezel around the screen as well as smaller speaker strips. Apple also appears to have borrowed the shallow keyboard from the MacBook, and it’s thought that the company will ditch the MagSafe power cable in favor of USB Type-C, too.

We’ll find all this out for sure later this afternoon when the company pulls the covers off of the new MacBook Pro. It’s also possible that we’ll see a new iMac desktop, a refreshed MacBook Air, and maybe even a new 5K cinema display. As always, The Verge will be on the ground in Cupertino, so here’s how you can follow along:

How to watch

Starting time: San Francisco: 10AM / New York: 1PM / London: 6PM / Berlin 7PM / Moscow: 8PM / Beijing: 1AM (October 28th) / Tokyo: 2AM (October 28th) / Sydney 4AM (October 28th)

Live blog: Tune into The Verge’s live blog for up-to-the-second updates, commentary, and pictures directly from the venue.

Live stream: Apple’s live stream is available via a dedicated channel on the Apple TV set-top box or the Safari browser on OS X (10.8.5 and above) and iOS devices (iOS 7 and above). Windows 10 users can watch in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Live tweeting: Follow @Verge on Twitter for the latest headlines and specs as they emerge.

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