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An Invisible Bodyguard Which is Always There For You

Image: AG Shield Vest

Most of the time, people do not think about their personal safety, especially girls who still rely on pepper sprays and helpline numbers, but we all know this doesn’t make a difference to the situation. It is time to stop taking your safety for granted. 

Self-protection is a topic nobody talks about, and it is relevant in present times and a dire need. Before you think of it as an exaggerated fancy, take a moment and ask yourself – who is there to protect you when you are alone? A walk in the park, visiting a gathering or a party, coming home late at night from work, or a friend’s place.

Hundreds of people face security issues every day, and nowadays, it is not just on lonely roads or empty streets; people are getting attacked in broad daylight. Just because it is not happening with you doesn’t mean it is not happening at all.

Yes, it got you thinking that you never taught about this before, did you? Don’t be afraid we are not here to scare you, but the question still stands.  It is not about overthinking; it is about being prepared for it.

So what can people actually do? There are many affordable and compatible products available in the market that you may choose from. A Kevlar lightweight bulletproof jacket that is easily concealable, comfortable, and, most importantly, protects you like your own personal bodyguard.

AGShields provides the world’s first concealable ultra-weight bulletproof jackets—these jacket designs are for all genders, sizes, and body shapes with adjustable straps and no bulging issues. A Kevlar bulletproof jacket not only hides perfectly behind the clothes but is durable and lightweight.

A kevlar bulletproof jacket is the best option of security you can opt for every time. It is concealable and always there for you to stop any abrupt hit you come across, protecting the central part of your body, and yes, you read that right. It is bulletproof, so it saves you from any sudden blow from any other sort of thing.

The significant benefits of a kevlar bulletproof jacket are:

  • It comes in all body shapes and sizes.
  • Straps make it adjustable and comfortable to the point you need it without any bulging.
  • Made from anti-ballistic material and tested to NIJ IIIA standards.
  • This kevlar bulletproof jacket can withstand a 300lb puncture test.
  • Easily concealable and portable to carry and wear at school, work, or on the road.
  • With this jacket, you are protected from all odds and in all situations.
  • It is affordable from the perspective of security and protection.

A good Kevlar bulletproof jacket not only saves you in tragic situations but is durable and made to last. It can be a one-time investment for many people looking forward to doing something about their safety.