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Amazon Secures New Multi-Million Dollar Property Development In South Florida


Internet giant Amazon has spent $84.51 million on a deserted property in Sunrise,  Florida. Located on Hiatus Road, Amazon will convert the property, which has been vacant for more than 40 years, into a large distribution center. With e-commerce sales growing bigger and bigger, it’s essential that Amazon expands to meet South Florida’s needs. But what can those in the area expect from the development?

What to expect 

The new warehouse is expected to be just under 824,000 square feet and will come in at 84 feet tall. A sizable office of just under 30,000 square feet will also be built on site. Amazon has gone significantly green in recent years and has introduced a fleet of electric vehicles to their business. As a result, the new development will include multiple electric vehicle charging points. Loading docks, trailer parking stalls, and a large car park suitable for almost 2,000 vehicles will also be constructed on-site.

Happy neighbors

Amazon is also making every effort to please the neighbors with their new property development. After concerns were raised by how close the development is to densely populated neighborhoods in Sunrise, Amazon promised to install beams and agriculture, including trees around the building to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The site will also become home to a sound wall, a large lake, a linear park, and a wetland mitigation bank.

Safety first 

Many neighbors have voiced concerns over the increased amount of traffic that the new development will bring. Amazon has assured locals that safety is at the forefront of their minds and has said that their vehicles will only be permitted to enter and exit the site via a designated route.

Amazon will need to up their game when it comes to onsite safety during the construction phase too. Several Amazon construction workers have been involved in workplace accidents over the last few years, including one in North Philadelphia in 2021. It’s common for bad construction accidents to happen on building sites due to the amount of machinery, heavy goods, and graft required in the job. As a result, negligence claims are common, so Sunrise locals will want reassurance that as many safety measures are in place as possible when work commences.

South Florida Expansion

In recent years, Amazon has spent a considerable amount of money expanding land and developing property in South Florida. In March, it was revealed that Pembroke Park would welcome a 269,000-square-foot warehouse. Amazon has also set their sites on Pompano Beach and are set to convert two existing warehouses into a large distribution hub. In late 2020, Boca Raton welcomed a new Amazon warehouse. However, it’s not all been plain-sailing for the e-commerce business, as their attempt to open a large distribution center in the small village of Golf was rejected in May 2021.

It’s fair to say that many individuals are skeptical about their current and future development plans. But these developments are certainly producing plenty of new opportunities for many South Floridians.


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