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6 E-Commerce Mistakes You Need To Avoid In 2021


Running an e-commerce company isn’t a walk in the park. Many hurdles must be overcome, and there’s always something that will put your patience and resolve to the test. However, some of these hurdles are nothing more than common e-commerce mistakes and they can be avoided. 

1. Selecting the wrong platform

Among the list of e-commerce mistakes made, this is the most common one. The foundation of your e-commerce company is the platform that you’re using to build your website. This platform is responsible for determining the performance, reach, design, appeal, and success of your e-commerce store. It is such a crucial aspect that you cannot afford to mess it up. 

Different website builders are available nowadays. It is important to note that different website building platforms serve different purposes. This implies that while some of them are better suited for creating blogs, they might not be the right choice for a growing startup. 

You should opt for a platform that best meets your requirements and features all of your website’s essential elements. 

2. Not focusing on building an effective SEO strategy

You can have the most professional and appealing e-commerce store; however, it will all be for nothing unless you’re able to rank on big search engines. When you start getting featured on the first page of 

That’s why a good SEO strategy is critical for your e-commerce company. SEO is more than simply finding a few keywords and trending search phrases. It is strongly recommended that you invest time and energy to build an all-around SEO strategy to ensure that your e-commerce store becomes successful and scales up easily. 

3. Not optimizing your e-commerce store for mobile devices

https://www.freepik.com/premium-vector/responsive-pc-computer-mobile-devices-infographics-cloud-computing-elements-vector-illustration_5045508.htm#page=1&query=pc%20to%20mobile%20optimization&position=21More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet instead of using a PC or a laptop. Any e-commerce company that isn’t adapting to this trend is going to lag behind and eventually fail. 

That’s why your e-commerce store must have a responsive design. A lot of the e-commerce site-building platforms now also allow e-commerce companies to develop companion mobile apps for their e-commerce websites. 

4. Not having a customer service strategy

Among the list of common e-commerce mistakes lies the belief that e-commerce can operate without a dedicated customer service strategy. It isn’t something that you’ll work out along the way. The only touchpoint between you and your customers is when they interact with your customer service team. 

Good customer service can lead to exceptional customer experience and thus lead to better reviews and repeat customers. Furthermore, the cost of acquiring new customers is five to twenty times more than retaining your existing customers. 

To ensure seamless customer service, you should invest in ticketing system software, omnichannel communication, and continually help your employees learn new trends and adapt to new technologies. 

5. Inadequate shipping options

https://unsplash.com/photos/MGaFENpDCswAs an e-commerce company, shipping is an important part of your business. Each shipping carrier offers different advantages and benefits. While you might not need every carrier’s service, it is still a good practice to offer your customers different choices. Why? Because every customer has different needs. Some might want the same-day delivery, whereas others might be okay with waiting for a few days. Some might want the affordable option, whereas others might be okay with spending a little extra. That’s why your shipping options must be diverse, and the whole shipping process must be seamless. 

6. Digital marketing mistakes

Your e-commerce company needs to ensure that it’s not making the common digital marketing mistakes. For instance, you shouldn’t be relying on only one channel for your marketing. Always go for omnichannel marketing for the best results. Furthermore, you must ensure that your marketing strategy isn’t backfiring. For instance, sending too frequent text messages or emails can have a negative impact on your e-commerce company. 

Your customers are looking for more than a good deal on your e-commerce store. They are looking for a wholesome experience that they can remember and cherish. You can deliver it by avoiding these common e-commerce mistakes and by incorporating relevant apps into your e-commerce store. 


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