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Afghan Officials: 36 ISIS Fighters Killed By “Mother Of All Bombs” (Videos & Poll)

One major headline today: US Drops “Mother of All Bombs” on ISIS Caves.  The sub headline quotes Afghan officials that 36 ISIS fighters were killed by the blast.

Check out your favorite news sources, but here is some of the coverage, including just released DOD video of the bomb explosion [other news videos throughout this post]:



NPRGiant Bomb Was ‘Right Weapon’ For Attack On ISIS, U.S. General Says

“This was the right weapon against the right target,” U.S. Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr. said, the morning after the U.S. dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat on an ISIS underground complex in Afghanistan.

New York TimesU.S. Drops ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on ISIS Caves in Afghanistan

The United States dropped the “mother of all bombs” — the most powerful conventional bomb in the American arsenal — on an Islamic State cave complex in Afghanistan on Thursday, the Pentagon said, unleashing a weapon so massive that it had to be dropped from the rear of a cargo plane.

BreitbartU.S. Military Drops Massive Bomb on Islamic State in Afghanistan

The U.S. military on Thursday dropped a massive 21,600-pound bomb in Afghanistan targeting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria fighters in a series of cave complexes.

CNN36 ISIS fighters killed by US ‘mother of all bombs’: Afghan official

In its second major display of military might in one week, the US dropped its most powerful non-nuclear bomb on ISIS positions in a remote part of Afghanistan.

Afghan officials said 36 militants were killed in the strike in Nangarhar province, near the Pakistan border, where the US military previously estimated ISIS had 600 to 800 active fighters.
Fox News‘Mother of all bombs’ kills 36 Islamic State militants, Afghanistan officials say

Afghanistan officials said 36 Islamic State militants were killed when the U.S. dropped the “mother of all bombs” on a tunnel complex Thursday.

The Afghanistan Ministry of Defense added in a statement Friday that there were no civilian casualties and that several Islamic State caves and ammunition caches were destroyed.

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