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Advantages of AI in the Gambling Industry

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) was always touted as a technology to revolutionize everything. In 2019, artificial intelligence is getting more important than ever, all because of the right reasons. The whole concept of AI is to teach machines (through computer algorithms) to think like humans and make decisions on their own. In fact, visionaries expect that AI will surpass human-level intelligence in the future.

So how is AI going to impact the online gambling industry? 

AI in Online Gambling

In online gambling, the power of AI can be demonstrated by the fact that a professional Texas Hold’em player was defeated by an AI system called Deep Stack.  But what’s in store for the future?

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Here are a few possible options:

  • Smart data generation

Online casinos generate humongous amounts of data which are collected from the moment you register to the moment to log off. So literally everything gets recorded and analyzed for designing better products and gambling experience. 

But when there’s too much information, it becomes cluttered and analyzing becomes difficult.  Online Casinos are likely using AI to collect useful data for faster product development and more games.

  • More competitive gambling experience

As machines learn to get better at the game, they’ll compete fiercely with human players. Which means the online gambling arena will become more competitive. AI’s ability to do strategic reasoning and analyze its human competitor’s behavior will give it an upper hand.  And, if the technology gets its way through to the betting lines with a 50-50 win-loss ratio, then it could forever change online gambling as we know it.

  • Better customer service

AI was always meant to provide consumers with a better support service. It has already achieved this feat in online e-commerce stores, telecom, and banks in the form of chatbots and automated processing.

ComeOn Casino has stated that they have a large customers support team. This could very well change with AI. 

So, some years down the road, the complaint that you send to the customer service department might get solved within minutes instead of hours and days.

  • Fraud prevention

The problems of online gambling with fraudulent activities aren’t unhidden. A few years ago, the online sites were filled with money-hungry bots posing as real players.  Many fear that AI will become so smart that defeating it will be impossible. There’s also speculation for bias gaming. While these are all perceivable concerns, the advantages of AI in the online casino is far greater.