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Advantages And Benefits Of Florida Bar Board Certification

The Florida Bar Board Certification program allows highly skilled and experienced attorneys in a particular area of legal practice to gain recognition as specialists.

Florida Board Bar Certified Attorney Eligibility Requirements

To apply for certification, a member of the Florida Bar must fulfill all of these requirements:

  • Minimum of five years of legal practice.
  • Substantial involvement in the field of law as to which certification is sought.
  • Satisfy the peer review process, which allows other lawyers (and judges) to assess the character, professionalism and competence of the applicant.
  • Fulfill all applicable continuous legal education requirements in the relevant practice area.
  • Pass the certification examination or qualify under strict exemption criteria.

Only a certified lawyer is permitted to use the phrase ‘Board Certified’ or ‘B.C.S’, which stands for Board Certified Specialist, on his/her business card, letterhead, and in legal directories and advertisements.

The Importance & Value of Board Certification

Board certification offers a thorough, unbiased, and independent verification of the attorney’s credentials.

One Miami firm, Diaz Reus, has 5 attorneys who are Board Certified: Michael Diaz, Jr., Gary Davidson, Brant C. Hadaway, Alexander Reus and Michael Harris.

Benefits for Clients Seeking Specialist Legal Assistance

Board Certification is valid only for five years, and the recertification process is as rigorous and stringent as the original process.

The certified lawyer must continue to practice, complete the necessary continuing legal education courses, and again undergo the peer review process, to continue enjoying the status of being a Florida Board Bar Certified Attorney.

When working with a certified lawyer, you can be assured that the advice and assistance you are being offered is relevant to the immediate legal challenges impacting you and your business.

Finally, Board Certification covers 27 fields, which means you can enjoy the benefits of specialist legal advice in multiple practice areas.