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Across the Ocean. Tips for Long-Distance Air Travel


Are you going on long-haul travel? You should make sure that you will enjoy decent comfort to arrive at the final destination full of energy. Keep reading this article to find out helpful travel tips on how this can be done and why that is important.

Why Should You Think Through a Long Flight Carefully?

Various unpleasant things happen to your body in the sky during long, medium, or short-haul travels, such as increased blood pressures, jet lag, and so on. A tight seat, people sitting too close to each other, a small gap between rows not allowing you to stretch your legs, and other inconveniences are usual for those flying in economy flight class. Even if we are talking about medium-haul flights lasting between three and six hours, they can turn into torture.

If you have previous experience in traveling long flights, you know how uncomfortable this can be even despite the latest innovations. If you have never traveled a long distance on a plane, then be prepared. You need to have a clear understanding of what to expect. Find out how you can make your trip more pleasant. Not only is this important to enjoy a good time but also to avoid serious health problems related to long travels.

What Are the Tips for Making Long Flights Comfortable?

Below, you will find helpful tips for long-haul flights, which will always be relevant. Using them will allow you to survive even the longest flight. Please note that these are not survival recommendations but, if you follow them, you will love your trip.

Get Important Stuff on the Plane with You

You can wear a comfortable outfit, but this will not be enough. Sometimes, just a few simple things on the plane can make a huge difference.

So, when packing your hand luggage, remember to bring the following things with you:

  • A toothbrush and toothpaste. Of course, you do not need these things on board if it is a short-haul flight that lasts for two hours or even less. But if you need to sleep on an aircraft or spend many hours on board, brushing your teeth will make you feel refreshed. Remember about restrictions applied to water and other fluids that you can take on board.
  • Before boarding a plane, you will have to wait at an airport for a few hours and pass a check-in procedure. Also, if you fly in hot months, you will likely sweat a lot. Using a deodorant will help you feel refreshed even when landing after a 15-hour flight.
  • They will help you listen to music and watch shows that you like without bothering other people.
  • They will allow you to forget about all the noises surrounding you. You can use them to have a better sleep.
  • Eye mask. Use this item to enjoy a nice sleep on board even in the daytime or wear it at night to avoid being awakened by early morning rays.
  • Neck pillow. Pack it in your hand luggage and use it to rest your head when sitting upright during a long-haul flight.

Think through Your In-Flight Entertainment

Getting bored is actually one of the most serious problems of passengers on long flights. While there can be some entertainment options onboard, such as newspapers, magazines, and so on, you may still want something else. Take a notebook, tablet, or another device with various movies and TV shows downloaded.

You can simply read a book. Also, you can play games. If you are traveling with your friends, take advantage of board games. All in all, there are plenty of flight entertainment options. Just make sure that you will not have to carry heavy stuff with you. Take a deck of cards, a travel chess set, or something like that.

Opt for a Business Class Flight

For sure, economy class is attractive to save some money. At this point, its advantages end. If you need to travel from New York to Tokyo, which means booking at least a 13-hour flight, you will likely experience plenty of inconveniences. Just have a look at a photo of business class cabins, check those amazing meals that you can eat, and go through a list of available amenities to understand the difference.

Traveling across the ocean and different time zones can be challenging. A spacious bed, delicious foods, dedicated services, and other incentives typical for business/first class flights will help you go through this.

These flights fluctuate. If you are looking for the best prices to buy tickets from/to the United States or another country, check out https://airbusinessclass.com/.


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