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A Beginners Guide to Smoking Meat: 5 Things You Should Know to Get Started


Can you imagine the delicious and tempting aroma of flame-grilled meat or the satisfying sizzling and crackling sound it produces during the grilling process? Trying to learn how to grill like a pro and achieve that perfect grill mark on your future barbeque party is quite tricky and intimidating to do, but with enough information on hand, you’ll be grilling in no time.

There are many enjoyable and exciting things to do when having a get-together with family and friends, and one of them is grilling. To start your grilling journey, there are a couple of things to consider. This includes the different ways to grill,  the type of charcoal to use and many more.

Methods of Grilling

There are many ways to grill your favorite meat and food items that you can choose from. One of the tricks to achieve your desired results is to ensure that you use the correct equipment and proper grilling methods. This would help you make your job easier and enjoyable. To know more about it, you visit barbecuelogic for more information.

Direct Grilling

Grilling with direct heat is one of the most common and primary grilling methods. Place the meat on the grilling plate directly over the heating source. You can easily do this with any heat source such as charcoal, gas, and wood. Direct grilling is perfect for cooking meat burgers and steaks.

Indirect Grilling

If direct heating involves placing the meat directly to the heat source, indirect grilling is the opposite. This method is done by placing the food away from direct heat and closing the grilling lid to cook the meat properly. This method prevents your meat from having a burnt exterior and allows it to be simmered, perfect for large meat cuts.

Rotisserie Grilling

This rotisserie grilling method is quite popular nowadays, also known as spit-roasting. This grilling method involves placing the meat on a rotating skewer which you can do all by yourself if you don’t own a motorized rotating skewer. The meat is more tender, aromatic, and flavorful with rotisserie grilling, perfect for roasts, whole chicken, and lamb meats.

Know Your Charcoal Type

You might want to consider your charcoal option when it comes to grilling. A suitable type of charcoal can add flavors to your meat during the grilling process, which makes it an important matter to discuss. There are two main types of charcoal in grilling: the lump and briquettes.

Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoals, also known as chunk charcoals, are natural by-products of burning wood with the absence of oxygen—this type of charcoal lights and burns faster and is easier to control. You can also combine it with some aromatic wood chips to add flavors to your meat while grilling. It is also good to note that lump charcoal is 100% natural and pure.


Briquettes, compared to lump charcoal, are by-products of wood that are compressed with additives. These additives help them to light and burn quickly. It is recommended to wait till the briquettes are covered in ash before you start grilling to avoid any unpleasant chemical smell transferring on your meat.

Clean Your Grill

One vital matter to consider is the current situation of your grill. A clean grilling surface is essential to have well-cooked meat in the process. To ensure that your grill is ready to use, you may scrape any charred remnants using a wire brush and wipe the grill lid with a clean damp cloth. Cleaning your grill is part of the grilling process, which you need to do from time to time.

Organize Your Grill Space

There are many things to prepare when having a barbeque or grilling in your backyard. Items can be misplaced, and most of the time, grilling materials can cause clutter on your grilling space which is not a good sight to look at. It is advisable to get your items organized by having proper storage and racks for your grilling materials to prevent this from happening.

An organized and spacious grilling area can make your job easier, smooth sailing, and save you more time and space.

Prioritize Your Safety

Grilling requires you to start a fire to go on with the grilling process, and if there is a fire, the more careful and vigilant you must be. It is vital to take note of the fire hazards in your grilling space and surroundings to ensure that you are not going to cause any trouble other than grilling your food items.

It is advised to focus on your grill to prevent accidents. Don’t forget to turn off the gas when using a gas grill, and let the charcoal or briquettes cool off if you are using a charcoal grill. You can also spray some water on the charcoal to stop it from heating up.

Grilling is an exciting and enjoyable activity to share with family members and friends. It is a test of patience, confidence, and preparation. Knowing exactly what to do and what you need before the grilling process can help you achieve that perfect taste and avoid common mistakes. So take your time learning until you can grill like a pro.