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9 Health Benefits of Coconut Water (+6 Amazing Recipes for You to Try)

coconut water

 Coconut water is the translucent, off-white liquid found within the shell of a coconut. This liquid, over time, is converted into coconut flesh – the substance that is flaked and typically eaten as coconut in culinary situations.

Coconuts and their water have been dietary staples in tropical regions for centuries. They’re known for being able to maintain and heal many maladies. “Kalpa vriksha” is the Sanskrit name for coconut. Sanskrit is the oldest major written language, and the phrase kalpa vriksha means “tree which gives everything necessary for living.” Coconuts have had a good reputation for quite some time.

Coconut water’s so healthy it’s been used for intravenous injections for dehydrated patients , and the water is sterile if it’s taken from inside an uncracked coconut.

What’s In Coconut Water?

There’s not a lot of calories, first off. With only 46 calories per cup, coconut water provides an impressive array of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Coconut water – in contrast to the oil produced by the meat – has no fat. There are roughly 10 grams of sugar per cup.

Electrolytes are popular ingredients in sports drinks. They are critical for maintaining the proper flow of blood to and from your heart, as well as stopping dehydration. Coconut water has been occasionally nicknamed ‘nature’s sports drink,’ due to its natural ability to keep the body hydrated and lubricated. A proper balance of electrolytes can also help with getting rid of fatigue and stress, and the physical symptoms of anxiety.

JenReviews, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Oct. 9, 2017

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