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8 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed the World


It’s been a year since the world changed, seemingly overnight. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were unlike anything we expected at the time. Yet, here we are, over a year later, slowly recovering from its economic impact and reeling from its effects.

There are many changes that we’ve been forced to implement, many of which were difficult and harmful to our established routines. Here are some of the ways the pandemic has changed the world as we knew it.

Increased Internet Reliance

In an effort to stem the spread of infection, establishments and institutions were forced to suspend operations. This included businesses, schools, and for a time, even government offices were closed. These restrictions forced people to turn to the internet in order to address many of their needs, whether it’s through grocery delivery apps for basic necessities, online learning programs for their education, and e-commerce to continue their business operations.

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Increased Focus On Cybersecurity

Just as internet use increased drastically, so too have the number of reported cybercrime attempts. The increased reliance on the internet has forced even those who aren’t computer-literate to adjust to the new norm. This meant that there is also a spike in vulnerable users online. Even schools and small businesses were forced to deploy online solutions as soon as possible, which left little room to consider cybersecurity.

 Higher Stress Levels

Several communities around the world have also recorded a significant increase in overall stress levels in the population. This is mainly due to the isolation imposed on communities due to COVID-related restrictions and the overall fear of the unknown, unseen danger, and the high death toll in some heavy-stricken cities. 

Apart from this, the impact of the pandemic on the economy has a staggering number of people unemployed. Without a stable source of income, the future can be daunting to face. This has also increased the demand for motivational content much like the ones found in The World As I Like It To Be podcast as a means to cope with the direness of the situation. 

Economic Stagnation

Pandemic-related restrictions have rendered a significant percentage of businesses inoperable. The high unemployment rates as well as the closure of businesses have caused the economy to grind to a halt. This stagnation caused ripples that have created big shifts in stock markets, which have left the market more volatile than ever

This was especially true for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, it should also be noted that not all industries were affected in the same manner. For instance, while the travel and tourism industry has essentially ground to a halt, other industries like cybersecurity and healthcare have experienced a spike in demand.

Increased Focus On Health

Due to the effects of the pandemic, more people are now aware of the importance of personal health. There has been a spike in interest in health and fitness. Whether it’s in the form of lifestyle changes or better eating habits, people are using their spare time to work on their health.

Lowered Carbon Emissions

The pandemic has forced people to confine themselves within the safety of their homes. This also meant that there were little to no cars on the streets, and only a minimal number of factories remained operational. This inadvertently caused the carbon emission levels to drop significantly.

Increase In Plant and Pet Purchases

With so many people living in isolation, the need for companionship and nurturing has gotten much crucial  In order to fill this need, many people have turned to raising gardens and pets. In fact, many pet shelters, breeders, and pet stores have reported a drastic increase in pet adoptions and in the sale of pet supplies. 

In some areas, these numbers have even doubled, to a point where some pet adoptions have had to be placed on a waiting list. This is expected considering the mental health benefits derived from pet and plant ownership.

Increase In Revenue for the Gaming Industry

With not much else to do, many people have also turned to gaming as a means to keep themselves entertained. Since the start of the community-wide lockdowns, the number of users for online gaming and online video games has spiked. As a result, the game streaming industry has also spiked in viewership. 

The pandemic has changed the world seemingly overnight. The value of looking back on last year isn’t without purpose. It’s a means to assess how we’ve adapted to the changes forced upon us. This way, we’re able to evaluate the quality of responses that have been developed and deployed.