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8 Top-Notch Reasons That Attract People To Invest In Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the crypto space whose value is exploding. The increase in value of bitcoin has attracted a huge number of investors. People see the underlying technology of bitcoin, i.e., a blockchain that is raising the supply demand.

There are some unique features of bitcoin that make it the most prominent cryptocurrency. Create an account to know Features of bitcoin trading platform and become a part of the crypto space.

Increasing value

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency whose value is growing unexpectedly over time. The graphs of bitcoin had probably shown an upward trend from 2009 when bitcoin was launched. Bitcoin is one of the few investments that have shown a good and upward trend in money.

Faith Based Events

The value of bitcoin had grown tremendously as when bitcoin was introduced in 2009; the price was bitcoin was only .04736 INR, whereas as of 2018, the price of a bitcoin was 680780.34 INR.

People who were early investors of bitcoin have experienced a great trend of the bitcoin market and have now become millionaires.

No tracking of transactions

Bitcoin users are given the facility of making anonymous transactions. Bitcoins are stored in digital wallets, but users don’t have to submit or provide their details to any central authority to make transactions. Any authority or individual can track no bitcoin transaction or sensitive information of users. The only exception that can make others know your transactions and track them is when you share your wallet address with others.

No participation of third parties

Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency that is independent of third parties. No third party can control or govern the supply or demand of bitcoins. A distributed ledger records bitcoin transactions and gives a copy of all transactions to nodes participating in the blockchain.

High accessibility

The best thing about cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, is that they are highly accessible to the general public, which provides ease of transacting money. Bitcoin wallets, trading platforms, and exchanges are specially built to ease people from investing in cryptocurrencies and making transactions. All the cryptocurrencies can be purchased and sold through bitcoin exchanges that are online marketplaces.

More flexibility

Transferring funds internationally is a burdensome process in traditional payment systems. Users have to wait for few days or even months and have to complete paperwork by submitting their personal information like Pan Card, address proof, photos, and completing the KYC process. Bitcoin provides higher flexibility to users as there isn’t any paperwork required to complete bitcoin transactions.

All a crypto owner needs to do is get a bitcoin wallet and generate a bitcoin address and private keys. Through bitcoin addresses and digital keys, users can easily make transactions to anyone at any time. There is no limitation on transacting a particular amount of money, which makes bitcoin more flexible than traditional systems.

Advanced technology

In 2008 there was a financial crisis across the world, which led to bitcoin development, the very first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is built on blockchain technology which makes it decentralized and allows anonymous and transparent transactions. Blockchain technology eliminates the need for mediators to complete the transactions. Blockchain maintains both anonymity and transparency as it records all transactions in its ledger and maintains anonymity by not allowing anyone to trace the transactions.

Unexpected growth

The advanced technology used in blockchain has changed the way of handling businesses and making payments. Digitalization plays a great role in changing the world as people like to make transactions and do everything with the high convenience that only digitalization provides. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that people are highly adopting in their businesses and companies. The rise in value and adoption of bitcoin is mainly because of blockchain technology.

A medium of exchange

A huge number of people accept bitcoin as a medium of exchange and as a store of value because bitcoin serves as a great investment opportunity.