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8 DIY Foot Reflexology Tips for a Peaceful Nights Sleep


Wouldn’t you just love to get a better night’s sleep? You know you need it for your health and to help your weight loss efforts. Sleep helps to power down the brain and improves bodily functions. The immune system has the chance to work, fighting off infections and diseases that we’ve picked up throughout the day.

One of the biggest issues stopping us from sleeping is stress. It raises our adrenaline, and our minds run over events. We just can’t seem to switch off, and that means we’re left lying in bed, wide awake but unable to do anything production. All we do is count down the hours, counting just how much sleep we will get if our bodies shut down for the night.

The more we try to sleep, the harder it gets. Our stress levels continue to rise, and we’re left feeling like zombies the next day. We look out for ways that will help us get rid of excess energy and stress levels allowing us to sleep.

The chances are that you’ve already tried many of the options out there. You’ve looked at options like taking a relaxing bath, cutting down on the caffeine intake, and even reading a book or listening to music to take your mind off things. None of them have worked.

Well, what about foot reflexology? This is something you may have heard about in passing, but never really given it that much thought.

It can be an extremely powerful way to relax the body and mind. Here’s all you need to know about foot reflexology and tips to use it so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep in what feels like the first time in forever.

Reflexology to Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep

First, let’s look at reflexology and what it really is. Think of it as a foot massage but targeting certain elements of the foot.

You see, the foot is full of pressure points. There are sections that will help to reduce the stress levels just by pushing onto them. You get sensations throughout the body to relax the muscles and get all the organs working again. The parts of your body that need stimulating instantly get a message that times them to improve function, but your brain gets this sense of relaxation and the need to slow down and switch off.

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