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8 Best Things To Do In Del Mar


Once the COVID-19 pandemic gets over, all of us want to experience back the best of what life can offer. Surely, most of us wanted to go to our dream destination and get that long overdue vacation. Others have been longing to go home and be with their loved ones. All of these are some of the things each one of us is waiting to fulfill.

As you go along and find places to visit once the world health crisis is over, Del Mar is something you can consider going to. Situated in San Diego County, California, Del Mar is dubbed a “Beach City” since it lies near the shoreline. Because of its Mediterranean-subtropical climate, the city attracts tons of tourists every year.

While you are looking forward to experiencing the upscale living that Del Mar can offer, there are many things you can do once you visit this place. It not only helps you see the gorgeous Pacific ocean, but you may also participate in the del mar club as the famous Del Mar racecourse features some of the top American horse racing tournaments. Here are some of the things you can do while you’re here.

Tour Around The Beaches

If you are a beach-loving person, Del Mar got a two-mile beachline composed of white and fine sand. It is perfect for a picnic, walking, and sunbathing. One of the most famous beaches you can explore in this place is the Del Mar City Beach.  It lies in the northern part of San Diego, which is excellent for surfing and swimming.

Faith Based Events

Also, dog lovers may find this place amazing. It has a place called Dog Beach, which is literally a dog-friendly beach. Lastly, you got an area for beach volleyball which comes in a broader expanse of a sandbar.

Participate In Del Mar Horse Racing

Labeled as a place where “Turf Meets The Surf,” the Del Mar racetrack is one of the world’s most renowned horse racing venues. It is a dirt track that can hold around 50,000 horse racing fans. Every year, the racecourse highlights notable horse racing shows like Del Mar Futurity, Bing Crosby Stakes, Del Mar Debutante Stakes, etc.

Ride A Hot Air Balloon

As dusk starts to roll out around the Del Mar vicinity, hot air balloons will begin to fly. More than hundreds of hot air balloons are magically flying where you can ride and see a sky full of lighters. If you want to experience a romantic hot air balloon flight, you might want to try these once you visit this place.

Stroll At Del Mar Farmers’ Market

If you’d like to taste the local products and delicacies that Del Mar can offer, you may stroll at the farmers’ market. It is a place composed of robust farmers situated at the end part of Del Mar village. You can find international cuisines, seafood, and meats. Apart from that,  you can buy fresh flowers, vegetables, and honey.

Take A Hike

Hiking around Del Mar’s vicinity allows you to take a good souvenir.  The area features a 1,750-acre Torey Pines State Natural Reserve. While you take a hike in this place, you can see diverse wildlife, a rich landscape, and the magnificent ocean view. This area is well-protected by Del Mar’s government as it  houses the rarest American pine trees.

Experience Fine Dining

Del Mar offers a multitude of fine dining restaurants which are situated at the heart of the city. You can dine at Pacifica Del Mar, The Brigantine, Jake’s Del Mar, Rendezvous, and Café Secret Poseidon. Not only can you taste extraordinary and unique dishes, but you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean.

Visit The Wonderful Fletcher Cove

The Fletcher Cove allows you to experience an overlooking Pacific ocean that helps you get enough meditation and relaxation. Nestled above the plateau, it is a coastal park that is beautifully landscaped and gets a viewing deck. It is a fantastic place to enjoy a picnic with your friends and family.

See The Free Flight Bird Sanctuary

If you want to experience a full adventure with your family and friends, you can visit the Free Flight Bird Sanctuary. The place is created to re-home and re-socialize some of the most exotic parrots. While you tour around the place, a guide will educate you on how to take care of the birds and how the place is preserved.

Final Thoughts

Probably most of us haven’t been on a vacation since travel restrictions are imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel as this health crisis might get contained soon, there is still a long time to wait. When this pandemic is over, we all want to pamper ourselves and experience a free life. Once you get there, don’t forget to include Del Mar in your next travel and vacation plans.