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7 Surprising And Spectacular Health Benefits Of Farting. Wait, What?


No matter how much you try to hold it in, you will need to fart. Yes, everyone does it. It’s embarrassing, but there are reasons why you need to fart throughout the day.

While it’s a natural part of life, you may have been the butt of jokes in the past because of a fart that you couldn’t hold in. And yes, the pun there was intended. It’s so embarrassing for some that they’ve looked at other words for the farting, including passing gas, passing wind, and flatulence. But whichever word you use, the terms just don’t sound that endearing.

There are many health benefits to farting, though. We’ll consider them, but first, you need to understand what this bodily movement is.

Why Do We Fart?

Passing wind is just what it sounds like. You’re getting rid of the wind/gas from your body. As your body breaks down the food you eat, gas is created. That gas needs to go somewhere, right? Well, it will go one of two ways: up or down.

Think about babies. You will often rub their backs to get rid of the wind after a bottle of milk. You need to help them bring up that wind, or they feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they’re in pain.

This need to get rid of the wind or gas doesn’t go away as you get older. Everybody in the world needs to get rid of the wind, so ignore those who say theynever do it. In fact, you will suffer from your health if you don’t fart! Not farting is a sign that your health is struggling or that you’re not getting the right diet.

Here’s a look at seven of the most spectacular reasons why you need to fart daily.

Positive Health Wellness, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug. 12, 2017

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